2013 Wonderful Things Auction

Join WJFF on Saturday, September 28th at the Jeffersonville Fire Hall on Main St. in Jeffersonville, NY for our annual silent auction!  Bid on wonderful treasures which have been donated to WJFF.  Enjoy refreshments and good company as you help support community radio while bringing home some wonderful things.  Check back often, the catalog is being updated all the time!

2013 Wonderful Things Auction Catalog

01 - Red Frame Backpack

Perfect for camping trips or cross-country excursions
Opening Bid: $10

02 - Avon Auto Scents (lot)

10+ bottles shaped like cars. Many are still full! Includes VW Bug.
Opening Bid: $5

03 - Candleholder Sconce

Beautiful glass and wrought iron. Add atmosphere and light.
Opening Bid: $5

04 - Double Barrel Muzzleloader

Percussion muzzleloader. Condition unknown. Display purposes only.
Opening bid: $10

5 - Bilora Tripod

Fluid head for smooth pans. Great for photo or video
Opening bid: $10

6 - Pyrex Bowl Set

4 bowls with lids, assorted sizes. Dishwasher safe.
Opening bid: $8

7 - Creative USB Camera

Videochats, Google Hangouts, Skype, Vlogging.. The possibilities are endless.
Opening bid: $10

8 - Pair of Banneton Baskets

Made for proofing sourdough bread, these beautiful baskets are great for everything.
Opening bid: $8

9 - Auto-rewind Hose Reel

A miracle of modern science - The hose reel uses water power to wind itself up!
Opening bid: $10

10 - Pasta Roller

Roll your own! Includes cutters for linguine and spaghetti. Italian made.
Opening bid: $12

11 - Starstruck print

Beautiful small landscape-format print. Framed in gold.
Opening bid: $8

12 - Burberry Scarf

The world famous pattern.
Opening bid: $8

13 - Linea Drinkware Set

20 pieces, not 30. Replace all your broken glasses!
Opening bid: 10

14 - Park Toolbox

Throw out that rusty bucket and start keeping your tools somewhere nice.
Opening bid: $10

15 - Wooden Chair

Simple. Sturdy. Perfect.
Opening bid: $10

16 - Gas Grill

This wins an award for "worst artwork" but also wins an award for "handiest little grill ever." - Just add propane.
Opening bid: $12

17 - Retro Chair

As retro as it gets!
Opening bid: $10

18 - Earthway Seed Spreader

Finally get around to seeding the lawn next spring.
Opening bid: $10

19 - Vintage Desk Lamp

Uses a flourescent bulb. Handsome.
Opening bid: $8

20 - Electric Baseboard

Make use of that unheated room this winter.
Opening bid: $10

21 - Piggy Bank

This Little Piggy went to auction!
Opening bid: $5

22 - New Orleans Jazz print

Hang a little Bourbon Street in your home.
Opening bid: $8

23 - Nintendo Wii

Power-up your game night with this social and active entertainment pack. Includes console, 2 controls and 4 games.
Opening bid: $50

24 - Java Love Coffee Rasting Co.

$25 gift card for the coffee that loves you back.

26 - 2 Tickets to Colin Hay at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts

Lead singer of Men-at-Work's "Finding My Dance Tour" - October 9th

27 - 2 Tickets to Vanilla Fudge at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts

Psychedelic Rock Band in the Event Gallery - Oct. 11th

29 - Bethel Woods Center for the Arts Film Series

2 tickets each to 3 films: Oct. 18th - The Pit and The Pendulum; Oct. 25th - Scream of Fear; Nov. 10th - Mary Poppins

30 - Legal consultation for a Not-for-Profit Organization

A one-hour consultation on legal issues affecting a nonprofit organization, including start-up.

31 - Woodstock Water Bell Fountain

Swirling water + floating bells = Peaceful Lull
Opening bid: $10

32-35 Voice Lesson

One private voice lesson WJFF's own Kathy Geary, host of Now & Then, professional voice teacher.
Opening bid: $15

36 - Homemade Veggie Dinner

WJFF volunteer Midge Maroni will prepare a delicious vegetarian meal with wine for up to 6 at the winner's home.
Opening bid: $40

37 - Organic Raised Food

From Apple Pond Farms: a cooler full of beef, venison, pork, winter squashes, tomatoes & peach jam.
Opening bid: $15

39 - Voice Lesson

With Melissa Hayes Kolalowski.
Opening Bid: $15

40 - Pont Chartrain Framed Print

Take home this piece of New Orleans history.
Opening bid: $8

42 - Paper Craft Floor Lamp

Will cozy up any dark corner.
Opening bid: $5

43 - Rattan Chair

Sit and instantly transport to the tropics.
Opening bid: $5

44 - Artificial Decorative Tree

It almost looks like the real thing. 5 feet tall
Opening bid: $5

46 - Ceramic Duck Watering

Quack quack, glug glug
Opening bid: $5

47 - Terracotta Frog Family

This delightful trio is ready to move into your garden.
Opening bid: $5

48 - Turtle Sun Dial

Slow down time with this unique character.
Opening bid: $3

50 - Lennox Pink Rose

A perky sight throughout the long winter.
Opening bid: $5

51 - Art Deco Candle Holders

Creative, yet classy. Candlesticks included.
Opening bid: $5

52 - Bach Bust Music Box

Equipped to play one of the composer's minuets.
Opening bid: $5

53 - Soaring Eagle

A tabletop ceramic of beauty and grace
Opening bid: $3

54 - Lead Crystal Basket

A bright addition to any buffet or coffee table.
Opening bid: $4

55 - Coffeemaker French Press

Makes 8 cups of liquid joy. Approved by Glenn Wooddell.

56 - Harvest Cannister

Ceramic with vacuum seal.
Opening bid: $3

57 - Ornate Candy Dish

Your candy never had it so good.
Opening bid: $3

58 - Stone Art from Italy

A charming tribute from the Italian countryside.
Opening bid: $4

60 - Lowenbrau Mugs

"Here's to good friends, tonight is kinda special…let it be Lowenbrau."
Opening bid: $4

61 - Skipping Frogs Candle Holder

The frogs hold each other and your candles at the same time.
Opening bid: $3

63 - Slide Projector

Working condition, with manual.
Opening bid: $4

64 - Stemless Wine Glasses

Stems? We don't need no stinking stems!
Opening bid: $6

65 - Rose-colored Lacy Bedspread

100% cotton, TWIN, machine washable
Opening bid: $3

66 - Vintage Camera

Brownie Relex Sychro Model; uses Kodak 127 film.
Opening bid: $4

67 - Proverb Framed Print

Can you spot all the proverbs?
Opening bid: $5

68 - Mini Portable Turntable

Transfer your records to mp3!
Opening bid: $15

69 - Crystal Dish with Gold Trim

Opening Bid: $3

70 - Hanging Rack

Space saver for pants, ties, scarves...
Opening bid:$4

71 - Libby Wine Glasses

Yours are all broken. Replace them! Set of 12.
Opening bid: $6

72 - Tea Set for 4

Charming ensemble including tea cups, plates and pot.
Opening bid: $3

73 - Juvenile Lamp

For the kids or the grandkids. Adorable.
Opening bid: $5

74 - Table Lamp

For your table.
Opening Bid: $3

75 - Steamed Clams Pot

For your next clambake.
Opening bid: $4

76 - Tea Cups and Saucers

For tea parties real and imaginary.
Opening bid: $3

77 - 'L' Print

matted, unframed
Opening bid: $5

78 - Oval Lenox Frame

8 x 10
Opening bid: $5

79 - Framed Pointillism

Lots and lots of dots.
Opening bid: $5

80 - Abingdon Mid-Century Vase

From England.
Opening Bid: $7

81 - Vintage Plastic Sewing basket

Notions and potions!
Opening bid: $3

82 - Handblown Handpainted Decanters

Handblown Handpainted Decanters
Opening bid: $4

83 - Vintage Cruets

Bulls Eye Pattern
Opening bid: $3

84 - handbages circa 1965

Blue, red and green.
Opening Bid: $7

85 - Mirrored Coffeepot

Keeps coffee hot for hours. Extremely reflective.
Opening bid: $4

86 - Learn to Fly (RC)

Spend the day with WJFF Station Manager Adam Weinreich learning to fly a battery powered radio-control airplane.  Includes simulator training, live-fly training, repair techniques and your own brand-new RC plane.  Ages 14+
Opening bid: $195

87 - 88 Calliccon Movie Theatre

$30 Gift Certificates to the only movie theater in Sullivan County
Opening bid: $5

89 - 1940s Card Table Chairs

Set of 4 folding chairs.
Opening bid: $10

91 - Retro Lamp Shade

Set of 4 folding chairs.
Opening bid: $3

92 - Jigsaw

Decorative Use Only. Please.
Opening bid: $5

93 - Woodstock Memoribilia

Posters and magazines. A must-have for any true Flower Child.
Opening bid: $5

94 - 1960s Woven Purse

Canary Yellow.
Opening bid: $2

95 - 2 Propane Lanterns

Lighting for cabin or camp
Opening bid: $5

96 - Cylinder Touch Lamp

3 settings of design at the touch of your fingers
Opening bid: $3

97 - Pair of Floor Lamps

6 feet tall
Opening bid: $5

98 - Jazzy Frog

A frog, his sax and 2 matching lily pads.
Opening bid: $5

99 - Coffee Table

Solid wood.
Opening bid: $20

100 - Tabletop Trunk

Waiting for your treasures.
Opening bid: $5

101 - House Scarf and Socks

Fair trade. Made in Guatemala.
Opening bid: $5

102 - House Socks and Scarf

Fair trade. Made in Guatemala.
Opening bid: $5

103 - Craft Ribbon

Box of designer ribbon.
Opening bid: $2

104 - Vintage Jewelry

3 pieces of special elegance
Opening bid: $3

105 - Vintage Jewelry

3 pieces of special elegance
Opening bid: $3

106 - Coffeetable Atlas

National Geographic Visual Atlas of the World. Excellent condition.
Opening bid: $3

107 - Birdhouse Canister

Opening bid: $4

108 - Crystal Candleholders

Adds a graceful touch to any room.
Opening bid: $3

109 - Cardinal

Year-round friend.
Opening bid: $3

110 - Coffee Set

Pot, creamer, sugar bowl and setting for 6.
Opening bid: $6

111 - Bunch of Cheer

7 bottles of a variety of wines.
Opening bid: $10

112 - Platter

Ready to serve your desserts.
Opening bid: $3

113 - Handbags circa 1965

Blue, red and green.
Opening bid: $7

114 - Vintage Coach Handbags

A quartet of authentic vintage Coach handbags made in the United States. (from left to right clockwise) White Slim Bucket, Tan with Brown Trim Messenger, Black City Bag, Red Somona Nubuc Leather and Suede Hobo 

115 - Vintage Coach Handbags

A quartet of authentic vintage Coach handbags made in the United States. (from let to right clockwise) Black Madison Satchel, Lime Green Winnie, Chocolate Brown Bonnie Cashin Disco, Mustard Small Hobo.

116 - 117 - Bundle of Garden Books

Five books, signed by the author, WJFF's Graham Rice. The books cover perennials, annuals, ornamental edibles, sweet peas, small gardens.

118 - Bottle of Red, Bottle of White

From our friends at White Lake Liquors
Opening bid: $10

119 - Panic Clinic for Public Speaking

2 day workshop with Natalie H. Rogers. Gain the innovative tools and techniques to overcome your public speaking anxiety and avoidance. Midtown NYC - Oct. 26/27 or Dec 7/8.
Opening bid: $100

120 - Farm to Table Dinner

2 tickets to Early Bird Cookery's event TONIGHT at The Hills, Callicoon Center, NY
Opening bid: $25

121 - 2 tickets to Glenn Dicterow Farewell Concert at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts

2013 Chamber Music Series - tomorrow Sunday Sept. 29th 3 pm
Opening bid: $10

122 - Antique Writing Desk

Perfect size, perfect shape, bring it home today!
Opening bid: $35

123 - IKEA Gullholmen Rocing Chair

The gentle rocking helps your body and mind relax.


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