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Guide to Locally Produced Programs

The Art of Being

Host: Dr. C
Airs: Tuesday at 10 am

The Art of Being is produced and hosted by Deborah Chandler, Ph.D., or “Dr. C." This weekly essay focuses on psychology and personal growth. The philosophy of the Art of Being is: “We create who we are by the choices me make.” Listen in and learn how to make better choice about emotions, needs, and relationships. Find archived episodes, a twitter feed, and a link for comments at

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Audio Visual

Host: Catskill Coyote
Airs: Friday from 11pm to 2am

Audio Visual features an eclectic assortment of music ?  from 1920s blues artists like Robert Johnson and Victoria Spivey to modern day folk/rock artists like Bonnie Raitt and Keb Mo, with a good assortment of jazz, bluegrass, newgrass and pop found in between. "You're likely to hear just about anything," host Andy LaMarca says.  He’s a fan of all different kinds of music, many of which find their way into the Audio Visual mix each Friday night.

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Ballads & Banjos

Host: Sonja Hedlund
Airs: Saturday morning from 6 to 7:30am

Sonja Hedlund

Sonja Hedlund will start your Saturday morning right with Ballads and Banjos.  The program features a wide range of folk music, from singer-songwriter favorites such as Holly Near and John McCutcheon to folk styles gathered from Sonja's travels around the world.  With her deep roots in rural life and community, Sonja offers up a genuine slice of Catskills life each Saturday morning with Ballads and Banjos.

Click here to visit the Ballads & Banjos webpage.

Click here to visit Ballads & Banjos on Facebook.

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Host: Ron Bernthal
Airs: Tuesday at noon

Ron Bernthal

Borders has been a regularly scheduled weekly travel segment on WJFF since the station's inception. The Borders segment contains a mix of interviews, music, and travel narratives, all within its goal of trying to bring the listener across ‘borders’ and into another region of the country and the world.

Past programs have included actual sounds and narratives from a variety of topics, including a fish auction in Galicia, Spain; a rowdy pub in Glasgow; a sailboat splashing through the Greek islands; a guitar factory in the Philippines; a metal craftsman in Nicosia, Cyprus; a bird market in Hong Kong; U.S. soldiers and residents in Kosovo; an Arlo Guthrie interview; and live commentary from music and film festivals all over the world.  Many of the programs include material of local interest as well, including segments from the Trout Festival in Livingston Manor, the Wine Festival in Hyde Park, and numerous arts-related events.

Approximately 500 different Borders segments have been broadcast on WJFF during the past dozen years, winning several awards for the station, including the prestigious Lowell Thomas Award for travel broadcasting from the Society of American Travel Writers, and several First Place awards by the North American Travel Journalist Association.

Borders’ writer and producer Ron Bernthal also produces special programming for WJFF that is distributed to NPR/PRI stations nationally.  Programs of this type include "Route 66 and the American Dream" and "An AmericanFabric."  Ron Bernthal can be contacted at

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The Brit Mix

Host: Graham Rice
Airs: Tuesday from 7 to 8pm

The Brit Mix plays blues, folk, rock 'n 'roll, punk, the classier kind of pop, electric folk, and jazz - but it must be British.  Homemade music and studio music, big music and small, the weird and the wonderful, the sparky and the strange - and everything from the 1960s right through to the latest releases from Indie labels and even from the mega studios are all included.  Music by people whose prime aim is to become pop stars is usually disqualified from inclusion.  New singles, old rarities, forgotten classics, album out-takes, singer-songwriters - the majestic, the magic, the quirky; the catchy and occasionally the almost incomprehensible.

Check out the weekly playlists and more at and leave comments on the music you’ve heard or would like to hear.
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The Catskill Review of Books

Host: Ian Williams
Airs: Friday from 3:30 to 4pm

"Washington Irving Started It."

The Catskill Review of Books is a weekly interview program in which Ian Williams, an author living in the Catskills, interviews other writers about their works. Our added advantage is that instead of relying on the publishers' form Q & A's we actually read their books! Subjects range from Sex to Science Fiction, politics and media, booze and biographies, and where we can talk to local authors, of course we do. But so far our efforts to get Washington Irving on the Ouija board have failed.

Suggestions for subjects, books and interviewees are welcome at

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The Deep End

Host: Jeff Loeffler
Friday evening from 8:30 to 10pm

The Deep End is a rock/blues program featuring an array of album tracks, rarities, and live recordings from a wide range of artists, both known and obscure.  The theory behind the program is to present listeners with a progressive alternative to the monotony of mainstream rock radio as well as to provide a broadcast outlet for a wealth of world class music that is without a forum in the restricted world of commercial broadcasting.

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Farm & Country

Host: John Nordstrom

Airs: Saturday morning from 7:30 to 8am

Saturday morning on the farm with WJFF's Farm & Country.  A broad cast of characters brings interviews, recipes, and more from local farmers, chefs and anyone who gets their hands dirty.  Tune in to hear about all the things that make country living so great.  Visit Farm & Country on Facebook!



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Folk Plus

Host: Angela Page
Airs: Saturdays from 2pm to 3pm

Angela Page

Folk Plus is a blend of music from the contemporary folk scene.  Angela Page draws from her experience of music gathered from over 20 years running college folk venues in the late 70's, the Speak Easy in Greenwich Village through the early 80's, her involvement with the production of the Fast Folk Musical Magazine and her ongoing radio work.  Starting in March 1993, Angela has been hosting Folk Plus, and pher weekly setlists have been posted to the website since 1998.  Angela was a reviewer for SingOut! Magazine, and has been a NERFA showcase judge at Kutsher's Resort in Monticello, New York. WJFF has worked to provide a safe environment to allow Angela to continue volunteering.  Visit the Folk Plus webpage here.

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From The Desk Of...

Host: Patricia Adams
Airs: Monday at 10am

On Monday morning, following the BBC news hour, From the Desk Of, produced by Patricia Adams, presents listeners with brief portraits of the world's great writers, presented in the form of a literary whodunit.  From the Desk Of is one the many special short features produced here at WJFF.

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Genre Meltdown

Host: Simon Efrein
Airs: Tuesday at

Each week Simon explores a new musical genre, learning and sharing with listeners. 

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Gift of Peace

Host: Anna Vitale-Gallo
Airs: Sunday evening from 7 to 9:00pm

Gift of Peace features music for healing and relaxation.  Selections include ambient music, women’s empowerment songs, Hindu chants, spiritual music from around the world, Native American songs and occasional guided meditations.  Interviews with various healers and spiritual teachers are also aired.  The intention for the show is to help send out healing and love through the music, and with all things like this, the love and healing have come back three-fold.

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Host: Jesse Ballew & Aldo Troiani
Airs: Saturdays from 3pm to 4pm

Join Jesse Ballew and other hosts for sixty minutes of red hot bluegrass peppered with cajun and country tunes.  On the air since 1994, Jambalaya is one of WJFF’s longest-running programs.

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Jeff Horse

Host: Various independent producers
Airs: Sunday evening from 11pm to midnight

There is always something new and interesting to be heard on Jeff Horse, from talk radio and listener call-in to anything-goes music programming.  This one hour on Sunday night is reserved for new producers to get their feet wet and occasional producers to show their stuff.

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Lost & Saved

Host: Ron Bernthal
Airs: Friday morning at 11am

On Fridays, Ron Bernthal's Lost & Saved presents stories of the historical preservation of buildings and other structures, both in our area and throughout the nation.  Ron Bernthal also produces a weekly travel piece called Borders that can be heard on Tuesday afternoons at noon.  Lost & Saved is one the many excellent short features produced here at WJFF.

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Making Waves

Host: Mary Hall & Valerie Mansi
Producer: Kevin Gref
Airs: Monday evening from 8 to 9pm

Producer, Kevin Gref, brings together a team of independent producers for this weekly news and culture radio magazine.

Click here to go to a gallery of photos related to the stories you hear on Making Waves.

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The Mixtape

Host: Jason Tougaw

Airs: Friday evenings from 8 to 9pm

The Mixtape preserves and celebrates the Do-It-Yourself aesthetic and intimate sharing of the homemade music compilations that flourished in the heyday of the cassette. Click here to visit The Mixtape on Facebook for playlists, upcoming shows, and more!

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Monday Afternoon Classics with Gandalf

Host: Gandalf
Airs: Monday from noon to 2pm

Monday Afternoon Classics with Gandalf features minimalist and other inscrutable performances from 20th and 21st century classical music as well as frequent and lively guest interviews.  For program notes, playlists, composer information, links and more, visit the webpage for Monday Afternoon Classics with Gandalf.


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Music Emporium

Host: Kusar Grace
Airs: Monday from 11pm to midnight

Get into the groove with Kusar Grace who lays down a sweet mix of vintage soul, funk, r&b and jazz.


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Now and Then

Host: Kathy Geary
Airs: Saturday from 1pm to 2pm


 Now and Then explores the music of legendary singer-songwriters with lifetime careers in American and British popular music from 1960 through today, focusing on rock, folk-rock and folk-jazz, both electric and acoustic. Host Kathy Geary talks about composition styles, vocal delivery, biographical background and her own personal reminiscences. The show includes recent recordings and performances from the past two to three years. Join Kathy to remember why you loved them Then and why their music matters to you Now.

Recent programs have covered:: Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, David Crosby, Stephen Stills, Neil Young, Leonard Cohen, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Steve Winwood, Chrissie Hynde, Judy Collins, Seals & Crofts, Leon Russell, Dan Hicks, Mick Fleetwood, Dave Mason, Eric Clapton, Sting, Cat Stevens, Paul Simon, Van Morrison and others still to come! 


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Off Center

Host: Joel Edwards

Airs: Wednesday from 7 to 9pm
Host Joel Edwards provides a collision and blending of musical styles high and low, including 21st century garage, pop punk, experimental, spoken word, electronic, new wave, novelty, Off Center offers a disjointed soundtrack for your listening pleasure every Wednesday night from 7-9 P.M.
Click here to check out the Off Center blog
Find Off Center on Facebook

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Old Skool Sessions

Host: DJ Chucks
Airs: Saturday evening from 10:30pm to 2am

DJ Chucksl

What you’ll hear on Saturday nights with Chucks is Old Skool.  And that, he says, is “anything that the commercial stations don’t play anymore,” or “real good music.”  You’ll hear 60’s, 70’s, 80’s music - rock, soft pop, early rock and punk, maybe even a little honky-tonk drum roll.  Chucks likes the 80’s sounds because it’s what he grew up with.  Rap was part of his street turntabling in the late 70’s, but didn’t get on vinyl and onto the radio until the early ‘80’s.  And you’ll hear those early sounds on the Old Skool Session.  Chucks' mother is from Jamaica, and her love of Jamaican music was passed on to Chucks.  Tune in for his occasional Rock Steady shows that pay tribute to the blue beat, rock steady, ska and reggae music from Jamaica.  And Chucks loves to bring us hip-hop, garage, and disco music.  Listen in on Saturday nights from 10pm on — you’ll be in for a treat!

Check out DJ Chucks' website:

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Open Mic

Host: Steve Faubel

Airs: First Saturday of every month 3 to 4pm


Join host Steve Faubel on the first Saturday of every month at 3PM as he interviews and features performances from the best up-and-coming and established singers and other musicians in our area. If you are interested in appearing on the show, send an email to or call 845-482-4141.

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Radio Revolution

Host: Youth Radio Project
Airs: Wednesday evening from 9 to 10pm


Radio Revolution is WJFF's radio program by teens, for teens.  While the the show's team of producers covers pop culture -- music, movies, and more -- they also don't flinch when it comes to more hard-hitting and difficult subject matter of immediacy and importance to young people.  And did we mention music?

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Ramble Tamble

Host: John Gordon
Airs: Thursday evening from 7 to 9pm

In the words of John Gordon, host ofthe show, "I'm still new to the D.J. business — RambleTamble debuted on 9/10/03.  I named the show after a CCR song which rambles in several different directions during its 7 minutes and 9 seconds.  There is so much great music around in so many different genres that I would never want to rule anything out.  I tend to lean toward Americana Roots, Alt Country, Early Rock and Folk, but those are just starting points.  Working at WJFF and doing a music show brings me great joy.  I have fun doing the show, and I hope you will have fun listening.  Oh, by the way, I like to throw birthday parties on my show for people like T BoneBurnett, John Prine, Rick Nelson and Tom Waits to name a few.  "Click  playlists and more on the Ramble Tamble webpage.

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Soul Spectrum

Host: Liberty Green
Airs: Thursday evening from 10pm to 1:30am

Soul with a capital "S"!  Every week L.G. brings to the airwaves a stack of soul records, letters from listeners and a whole lot more.


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Spanglish con Ella

Host: Emma Torres
Airs: Saturday from
7pm to 9pm


Emma TorresHost Emma Torres seeks to break down barriers with an hour of Latin music every week by providing a context in English and Spanish.  Information on the music, its history, performers and writers is sure to entertain as well as inform.  Special features include highlighting the same song twice (once in English and once in Spanish), call-in translation and interviews.

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Strings Attached

Host: Antoine Magliano
Friday from 10 to 11am

Strings Attached features a seemingly endless variety of stringed instruments:  guitar, mandolin, piano, lute, harpsichord, bouzouki and more.  Not limited to any one genre, the show encompasses musical forms from country to classical, world and folk music, jazz, rock or any other type that would exemplify virtuosity on any stringed instrument.  Host, Antoine Magliano, aims to engage and entertain the listener whose mind and ear is open to a diversity of musical styles.

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Sunday Brunch

Host: Glenn Wooddell
Airs: Sundays from 11am to noon

Sunday Brunch, the oldest continuously running program on Radio Catskill, is aired every Sunday from 11am to noon, immediately following Weekend Edition.  Diversity is the unifying theme of Sunday Brunch.  Music of different genres and spoken word are featured each week — with Film Music taking precedence from time to time.  Other musical genres featured are theatre, folk, classical, western, vocal, popular, ethnic, light classical, etc.  Listener participation is utilized as well.

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Take My Word For It

Host: Carol Pozefsky
Airs: Thursday at 10am

On Thursdays, Take My Word For It, produced by Carol Pozefsky, offers a wide ranging consideration of language, words and phrases, and their origins and meanings.  Take My Word For It is one the many excellent short features produced here at WJFF.

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Talking Sports

Host: Michael Barnofsky
Monday from 9pm to 10pm

Talking Sports breaks new ground forWJFF as the station's first regularly scheduled sports call-in talk show.  Host Michael Barnofsky is joined by Ray Cunningham and Michael "Hammer" Cunningham, who bring a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm for the world of sports to each week's program.  Your calls are always welcome.

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Trailer Talk

Host: Sabrina Artel
Airs: Monday from 10 to 10:30pm

Trailer Talk

Sabrina Artel's Trailer Talk is combination live performance, community event and radio broadcast based in the New York's Catskills region.  With her vintage 1965 Beeline travel trailer, Sabrina Artel travels to festivals and events where she invites individuals to participate in what she calls a "public conversation" in a relaxed and comfortable setting.  These conversations are broadcast live through speakers mounted outside the trailer, and many interviews are later aired on WJFF during the weekly program.  The New York Times described Sabrina Artel's Trailer Talk as "an unusual blend of theater, activism and broadcast journalism."

Although the conversation ranges widely from politics, arts and culture to the environment, agriculture, development and recreation, Sabrina Artel's emphasis is consistently on localism and the contribution of individuals to their communities.

Click here to visit the Trailer Talk website.  




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Wild Card

Host: Rotating
Sunday from 2 to 3pm

Wild Card will feature a variety of unique and seasonal spoken-word and music specials from both national ant local producers. 


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WJFF Connections

Host: Dick Riseling
Airs: Monday evening from 7 to 8

Dick Riseling

WJFF Connections focuses on local, national, and international issues that host, Dick Riseling, feels are tied to the lives of every individual.  The slogan, "Think globally, act locally" aptly describes the program's mission.  Each show features a topic for discussion and a guest or two.  And as a call-in show, listeners are invited to actively participate in the discussion as well.  Dick generally kicks off the dialogue with an editorial comment of his own about a particular issue.

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Host: James B. Huntington
Airs: Wednesdays from 10:00
to 10:05am

WORK SHIFT is hosted by James B. Huntington, author, blogger, economist, and publisher, is the writer of "Choosing a Lasting Career: The Job-by-Job Outlook for Work's New Age." His previous book was the Independent Publisher Book Award (IPPY)-winning "Work's New Age: The End of Full Employment and What It Means to You," from 2012. He is also the creator and keeper of the AJSN (American Job Shortage Number), the key economic indicator showing latent demand for jobs in the United States. He is married and lives in Eldred, New York.  Click here to visit James B. Huntington's website.

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:: Locally-Produced Special Short Features::

Be sure to listen in for the many excellent short features produced here in the WJFF studios.  These pieces, ranging from three to ten minutes in length, can be heard throughout the week.  From the Desk Of... with Patricia Adams airs Mondays at 10am.  Tuesday at 10am it's The Art of Being with Dr. C, then Borders with Ron Bernthal airs at noon.  10am Wednesday we hear WORK SHIFT with James B. Huntington, Carol Pozefsky's Take My Word For It airs Thursdays at 10am and Ron Bernthal's Lost & Saved is Fridays at 11am.

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:: Independent Producers ::

The WJFF airwaves feature the voices of a number of independent producers who contribute in a wide variety of ways including conducting interviews, producing specials, and guest-hosting on shows.

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