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WJFF's webstream is encoded as an MP3 stream at 32kbs (mono) and should be available to most computer users, even those with a 56k telephone dial-up connection.

If you experience difficulty, first make sure your browser or media player software is up to date.  This information can often be located in the "Help" menu of whatever program you are using.

If the links at the top of the page don't work for you, try each of the following options:

ra_live365.Click here to listen to WJFF using Real Audio. [.ram file] RealAudio's free RealONE player can be downloaded here. Mac userscan download it here.)

wa_live365.Clickhere to listen to WJFF using WinAmp. [.pls playlist file.] You can download the freeWinAmp music player here.

wmp_live365Click here to listen to WJFF using Windows MediaPlayer. [.asx file] You can download the free Windows Media Player here.

If you continue to have trouble, drop us an email at wjff@wjffradio.org or give us acall at (845) 482-4141 and we'll try to help. We'd also like to know if you are experiencing frequent drop-outs. Thanks for listening and thanks for supporting WJFF!


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Donate Your Car

Donate your used car through the Car Talk vehicle donation program. They will arrange for removal of your vehicle which will be sold and the proceeds given to WJFF. Click here for more information!

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Reception Problems?

Since we moved our transmitter, some listeners have noticed a drop in signal quality.  If you're experiencing this, check out Radio Bob's Reception Tips! 

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