Dam Dwellers, Power Sellers

May 5

In 2005, veteran WJFF volunteers, hydro operators, and dam crew members Kevin and Barbara Gref bought the dam and powerhouse from Malcolm Brown. They currently own Jeffersonville Hydroelectric and produce and sell the power that runs WJFF. Though legal restrictions prohibit Jeffersonville Hydroelectric from directly selling the power they produce to anyone but the radio station, they are able to sell excess power back to the NYSEG grid.

Several severe floods have hit the Jeffersonville area since 2000, but the strong design of the dam has withstood the force of the water. In the flood of June 2006, water spilled over the top of the dam’s corewall, eroding the earth embankment on the opposite side and endangering the powerhouse. The force of the water also caused damage to the concrete facing of the spillway. The earth bank was refilled, and the dam judged to be safe for the short-term by federal inspectors. Repairs to the spillway are pending, and the hydroelectric equipment has survived to produce power into the future even though it was under about 6 feet of water.


Proposed Revisions to Bylaws

WJFF's Board of Trustees will be considering revisions, amendments, and corrections to the organization's bylaws as proposed by the Board's Nominating and Governance Committee. Comments from the public are invited. Please address all comments to feedback@wjffradio.org

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