6:30— 8:30PM

WJFF Board of Trustees Meeting


WJFF's Board of Trustees will meet on Wednesday, October 15th at the Callicoon Town Hall on Wily Avenue in Jeffersonville, NY beginning at 6:30 pm. The public is welcome to attend.


WJFF/Radio Catskill
Board of Trustees Meeting Draft Agenda
October 15, 2014
Callicoon Town Hall
6:30 PM

Anticipated Outcomes:
The Board will have adopted a mission statement.
The Board will have approved the Letters of Agreement for employment of the Station Manager and Program Director.
The Board will have approved Procedures for Empanelling Work/Fact Finding/Ad hoc Committees.
The Board will have empanelled the Underwriting Fact-Finding Committee.

1. Call to Order - 6:30 PM

2. Approval of Minutes of the September 2014 meeting.

3. Revisions to the Agenda

4. Public Comment Period (Please attempt to make comments as concise as possible)

5. Report of the Executive Committee

6. Reports of Standing Committees: Finance, Nominating and Governance, Personnel, Development and Community Outreach, Facilities and Operations, Liaison to Program Committee, Liaison to Community Advisory Board

7. Station Manager’s Report

8. Community Advisory Board Report

9. Program Committee Report

10. Correspondence

11. Old Business

12. New Business

a. Discussion and Adoption of Mission Statement-
i. Motion: WJFF/Radio Catskill adopts as the station’s Mission Statement (either):
1. Radio Catskill is a non-commercial educational radio broadcaster whose mission is to make available to its community a broad range of ideas and ideals useful to a full and enlightened life. It also aims to involve the community in preserving and transmitting its own cultural heritage and artistic expressions in addition to those of the global community and to promote understanding among people of diverse social and cultural backgrounds. (Original)
2. Radio Catskill (WJFF) is a non-commercial, listener-supported radio station dedicated to providing a broad range of educational programming, including public affairs, arts and culture, designed to inform, inspire, educate and entertain both the local and global community.  By challenging the intellect and providing information useful to a full and enlightened life, we hope to promote awareness and understanding among people of diverse social, cultural and economic backgrounds. (2014 Workshop)

b. Discussion and Approval of Letters of Agreement for employment of Station Manager and Program Director (Letters Attached)
i. Motion from the Personnel Committee: The Personnel Committee, in accordance with its charge in the bylaws, conducted research including comparability data and recommends that the attached letters of agreement be executed with full time employees, Adam Weinreich, General Manager and Jason Dole, Program Director. In terms of salary, the Committee acknowledges that the General Manager salary was determined prior to adoption of the current bylaws, and therefore retains the current level. In the case of the Program Director, the salary has been determined in full compliance with the current bylaws.

c. Discussion and Approval of Procedures for Empanelling Work/Fact Finding/Ad hoc Committees.
i. Motion: When empaneling an ad hoc work group or fact-finding group, the Board of Trustees will explicitly decide and document the following. (See below). For any work group in prior to Oct 15, 2014, the chair will complete the documentation (See below) and present it for approval at the November 2014 BOT meeting.

Ad Hoc / Fact Finding Group Charter Checklist
Name of Group:
Members of Group:
Date Group Chartered:
How Chartered (eg BOT resolution):
Description of Charter:
Group Deliverable:
Group chair:
Group reports to what committee?:
Group empowered to act on behalf of Radio Catskill Inc: Y/N
Group may add to its own members: Y/N If no, who must approve?
Meetings must be publically noticed: Y/N
Expiration of group:

d. Discussion and Approval of the Underwriting Study Fact-Finding Committee.
i. Motion: The WJFF/Radio Catskill Board of Trustees empanels the Underwriting Study Fact-Finding Committee and charges it with (Insert Specifics)

13. Public Comment Period

14. Motion to Adjourn

15. Next Meeting: November 19th, 6:30 PM, Location TBA

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