6:30— 8:30PM

WJFF Board of Trustees Annual meeting


WJFF's Board of Trustees (BoT) will hold its annual meeting at 6:30pm on Wednesday June 19th in the Town of Callicoon Town Hall, next to the baseball field on Willy Ave in Jeffersonville, NY

DRAFT agenda follows:

A. Call to Order – Sonja Hedlund– 6:30 PM.
B. Motion to accept previous meeting minutes
C. Interim President’s Report (Sonja Hedlund)
D. Financial Report (John Bachman, Glenn Woodell) – written, President and Treasurer verify that report is accurate.
E. Annual Reports from Committees of the Board of Trustees

a. Program Committee
b. Facilities Committee

c. Nominating Committee

F. Announce results of volunteer trustee election (Adam Weinreich)
G. Election of Trustees (Sonja Hedlund)

a. Recommendation of Nominating Committee: Barbara Demarest, Tasa Faronii-Butler, Mike Fisher, Kurt Knuth, Midge Maroni, Patricia Pomeroy, Joel Sanchez, Martin Springhetti, John Bachman

b. Election of Trustees
c. Comments from new Trustees

H. Annoucements

a. BOT breakfast July
b. July 19 Board of Trustees

I. Additions to Agenda

J. Questions and comments from the public
K. Motion to adjourn
L. Next Meeting: Wednesday, July 17, 2013 – Town of Callicoon

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