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November 12th, 2008
with The Outlier

Spezial Material - 12
Suicide - Dance
Klause Dinger - Pipi AA
Mathematiques MOdernes - Disco Rough
Yello - Live at the Roxy Dec '83
Alien Sex Fiend - I walk the line
Paul McCartney - My machine
Yoko Ono - Extension
IXNA - Mi Ne Parolas
Ray Parker Jr. - Ghostbusters
Nick Paine - Solid State
Rheingold - Kimmelgause
Devo - Race of Doom
Synergy - Delta Four
Variete - Good Night Age
Jean Michel Jarre - Les Chants Magnetiques II
Los Microwaves - T.V. in my Eye
Lee Ronaldo - Florida Power
Ceramic Hello - Sampling the Blast Furnace
SisiKontest - Boys on Tranquilizers
Voag - Fingertrack
Paper Bag - Faith Opaque

:: Posted on Saturday, November 15, 2008 ::

November 5th, 2008
with Nick Forte'

Goblin- "Black Forest"
Meredith Monk- "Porch"
Meredith Monk- "Under Street"
Jason Crumer- "Pissed Off Response"
Darkthrone- "Blacksmith of the North"
Roscoe Mitchell quartet- "Tnoona"
Prurient- "Garden of Tranquility"
Cord of Life- "Winterland"
Black Funeral- "Arimrath-the Eight Hell"
Oren Ambarchi- "Guitar Motor"
Ragnar Grippe- "10 temperaments: VII"
Akitsa- "Magic et Verites"
Fennesz/Dafeldecker/Brandlmayr- "Jets"
Prurient- "Cocaine Death"
Un Drame Musical Instantane- "Pourquoi La Nuit"
Deep Listening Band- "Then and Now, Now and Then"
Spiders on Phasing- "Studio Outtake 7"
Emeralds- "Magic"