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August 20th, 2008
with Nick Forte'

Achim Reichel- "Come on, people"
Hair Police- "On a Hinge"
Art Bears- "The Summer Wheel"
Aaron Martin & Machinefabriek- "Cello Drowning"
Wolfgang Voight- "Kammer"
Pacific 231- "Shouts (with Uber)"
Denzel & Huhn- "Karlruhe" mixed with John Russell/Maaren Altena/Terry Day- "Cafeteria"
Wold-"The Frozen Field"
Dennis Duck- "French Numbers"
Burning Star Core- "A Curse on the Coast"
Graveland- "Intro (Day of Fury)
Wire- "I Feel Mysterious Today"
Seeds- "Flower Lady and Her Assistant"
Monopoly Child Star Searchers- untitled track from Infant Spirituality Rates Coconut Percent
Dennis Duck- "Bediboop"
Dick Raaijamakers- "Vier Fanfares"
Henry Kaiser- "Improvisation 102D"
Maurizio Bianchi- "Sterile Regles"
Shuttle 358- "Slowly In..."

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August 13th, 2008
with The Outlier

conrad schnitzler/dompteur mooner - tanze im regen
ilha urbana - musak
irmin schmidt - der tote bin ich
tuxedo moon - holy wars
decoder - muzak decoding
adrian belew - 2
vangelis - soil festivities movement 4
area - arbeit macht frei
goodiepal - mrshf
gamers in exile - vibrisse
the sisterhood - giving ground
pil - track 8
pollyester - chew your bubble gum
lizzy mercier descloux - herpes simplex
lydia lunch - friday afternoon
erase errata - other animals are #1
chinese stars - dressed to get blessed
the slits - typical girls
les rita mitsouko - andy
telex - rendezvous d'ans les espace
devo - shout
the fall - mad mock goth

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August 6th, 2008
with Nick Forte'

Speaking in Tongues- "In the Distance"
Sacher-Pelz- "In Dem Tod-Tal"
Silouettes 61- "Bauernlife"
Lamborghini Crystal- "Video Head Cleaner"
P.D.- "Ich Bin 2"
Tom Recchion- "Telephone Visitor"
League of Nations- "Thin Ice"
Smersh- "You've Got More then Wheels"
Baby Gherkin & his Funky Phantoms- "Baby G-Man"
Vodka Soap- "Un Chand Pyramidelier 12"
Alter Ego/B. Altice- "Yawara Stick"
Pacific Rat Temple Band- "Wave Club Holiday"
Merzbow- "Woodpecker No. 2"
P16.D4- "Luxus & Mehrwert"
SPK- "Internal Bleeding"
Yukio Yung- "12 Der Vorliegende Band Pt 1"
Sacher-Pelz- untitled track
Doxa Sinistra- "Ruhrgebiedt"
Bomis Prendin- "Psychlotron II"
Acid Eagle- untitled track
Die Form- "Red Magic"
P16.D4- "Les Honteuses Alliances"
Ioss- "Percussion 7"
Teotihuacan- untitled
Zoviet France- ???
Sacher Pelz- "Sang Mon Amour"
James Ferraro- "Bali"
July 30th, 2008
with The Outlier

Cabaret Voltaire - Double Vision
Senking - Ringe
Pole - Rondell Zwei
Marco Passarani - Unspeakable Future Outbreaks
Vendor Refill - Dunkin
Monolake - Atmosphere
Radikale Analog Fraktion - Auberparlamentarische Opposition
Private Lightning Six - Sweet Weed
Dystronic - Rough Reality
LFO - Snot
Freeform - Prowl
Perspects - Air of Finality
Team Doyobi - Mode
Rollinka - Happy Birthday
Bollock Brothers - The Act Became Real
Keith Leblanc - Technology Delivers
Neon Judgement - Voodo Nipplefield
Cassandra Complex - David Venus

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July 23rd, 2008
with Nick Forte'

Colder- "Crazy Love"
Pram- "The Owl Service"
Gui Boratto- "Beautiful Life"
John Bender- unknown track title
XTC- "Bumper Cars"
La Dusseldorf- "Rheinita"
Controlled Bleeding- "Widening the Holes"
Terrestrial Tones- "The Sailor"
Mouthus- "Centuries of Divide"
M:I:5- track 5 from Profan CD3
Dome- "D-D-BO"
Angus Maclise- "Chumlum"
Shadow Ring- "Gloved-up"
A.E.N.- "Film"
Kemialliset Ystavat- tracks #2 & #3 from Alkuharka
Philip Jeck- "Museum"
John Butcher/Christof Kurzman- "Bee Space"
Fe-Mail- "Interlude III"
Nonhorse- "We See the Signal (the lone office)"
Kevin Drumm- untitled track #2 from Land of Lurches
Chihei Hatakeyama- "Bonfire on the Field"
Dust/Omit- "Unit 2"
Jean-Claude Risset- "Mutations"

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