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May 21st, 2008
with The Outlier

The Siamese Pearl - Destroying the Prefrontal Cortex
Xeno and Oaklander - A Beginning
Vendome - Lightwave Emissions
Pollyester - You Are Amen
Demons - Sick by Water
Harrius - Enter the Cotton Ring
Sleep Museum - Nepal(Departure)
Martin Bisi - Money
Hive Mind - Omission
Jacqui Kuraj (steve buchanan, sax, bill lefferts brown, buchla, Rick Lannacone, bass) - Jac Jam
Lucia Hwong - In a Dream
A Squared - Soul Food
Epee du Bois - Jurieux in the Garden
The Shadow Ring - Man on the Lamb
Conrad Schnitzler vs. Richard Bone

:: Posted on Monday, May 26, 2008 ::

May 14th, 2008
with Nick Forte'

Pumice- "Dogwater"
Califone- "Black Metal Valentine"
MB- "Anesthesie Total"
Harry Partch- "By the Rivers of Babylon"
Jandek- "What Can I say, What Can I sing"
Angus Maclise/Tony Conrad/John Cale- "Trance #2"
Stu Michell- "Acid"
John Cage- "Indeterminacy" (excerpt)
Layne Garrett- "Typewriter Avalanche"
Doo Rag- "Engine Bread"
Steve Wadhams- "Harley"
King Brothers- "Go to Hell!!"
C. Spencer Yeh- "Solo Violin 1-10" (excerpt)
Dick Raaijmakers- "Ping Pong"
Secret Mommy- "Grand About the Mouth"
Chris Corsano- "Why Are Some Young Cricket Coaches Better than Others?"
Leroy Jenkins & Rashid Ali- "It's For You"
John Cage- "Indeterminacy" (excerpt)
Screaming Mee-Mees- "Pigs"
Rev I.B Ware with wife- "You Better Quit Drinking Shine"
Dick Raajimakers- "Filmmuziek 1: Mechanical Motions (1960)"
Ignatz- "He Deals with Love & Her Eyes Glaze"
Blind Willie Davis- "I Believe I'll Go Back Home"
Blues Control- "Puff"
Butcher/Longberg-Holm/Zerang- "Oil of Glondin"
Andrea Belfi- "Extraevil"