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wednesday April 25th
with Nick Forte'

My Bloody Valentine- "Only Shallow" from Loveless (Warner Brothers)
Axolotl- "Numinosum" from Way Blank (Psycho-o-Path)
Reanimator- "Mayne is an Orange Animal" from Special Forces (Community Library)
Electronic Art Ensemble- "Three Bursts Set Out" from Inquietude (Gramavision)
Wold- "Tending Thy Grounds" from L.O.T.M.P (Profound Lore)
Excepter- "Be Beyond Me" from KA (Fusetron)
Kit Clayton- "Impetigo" from Latke (Orthlong)
Christa Pfagen- "Getting Back the end" from Watch me Getting Back the End (Die Schachtel)
Shuttle 358- "Frame" from Frame (12k)
Starving Weirdos- "Shrine of the post-hypnotic" from Shrine of the Post-Hypnotic (Root Strata)
Psychic TV- "Those Who Do Not" from Live in Reykjavik (Temple)
Xashtur- "Cursed Revelations" from Telepathic with the Deceased (Moribund)
Phoencia- "Eyebrow" from Brownout (Schematic)
Forrest Fang- "Circling Spirits" from Gongland (Projekt)
Glen Velez- "Internal Combustion" from Internal Combustion (CMP)
Expansion Bay- "Lateral Drift i" from Star Obsolescence (Spanish Magic)
Cloaks- "A Crystal Skull in Peru" from A Crystal Skull in Peru (Atheists are Gods)

:: Posted on Wednesday, April 25, 2007 ::

April 4, 2007
with nick forte

1. Modern English, "Gathering Dust" from Mesh and Lace, 1981 (4Ad).
2. Fire Engines, "Everythings Roses" from Aufgeladen und Bereit fur Action und Spass, 1981 (Fast).
3. Simple Minds, "Carnival" from Real to Real Cacophony, 1979 (arista).
4. OMD "Genetic Engineering" from Dazzle Ships, 1983 (Virgin).
5. Liquid Liquid, "Cavern" from Optimo, 1983 (grand royal).
6. Sexual Harassment, "If I gave you a party" from AntiNy comp.
7. The Juan MAclean, "By the time i get to Venus" from DFA 12" 2003.
8. Durutti Column- "Sketch for Summer" from The Return of Durutti Column 1980 (Factory)
9. Dome- "Here We Go" from Dome 1 1980 (The Grey Area)
10. Dissolve- "Blurred" from That That (not) 1994 (Kranky)
11. The The- "Red Cinders in the Sand" from Burning Blue Soul 1980 (4ad)
12. Young Marble Giants- "N.I.T.A" from Salad Days comp. (Vinyl Japan)
13. XTC- "Prince of Orange rejected track from Apple Venus sessions
14. The Smiths- "This Charming Man" from s/t 1984 (Warner Bros.)
15. Radiohead- "Knives Out" from Amnesiac 2001 (Capitol)
16. Worms- "Early in the Evening" from Pelican Songs 2002 (Tumult)
17. Excepter- "Jrone (two)" from Throne 2005 (Load)
18. Flying Saucer Attack- "Up in Her Eyes" from 1998 New Lands (Drag City)
19. OV- "Arms of the Mountain" from 2007 Noctilucent Valleys (Soft Abuse)
20. Duet Emmo- "Or So it Seems" from Or So it Seems 1983 (Mute)
21. Wreck Small Speakers on Expensive Stereos, "All of this" from River Falling Love, 1986 (Ajax).
22. Cocteau Twins, "blood bitch" from Garlands, 1982 (4AD).
23. Desmond Simmons, "to be lost" from Alone on Penguin Island, 1981 (WMO)
24. Siouxsie and teh Banshees, "happy house" from Kaleidoscope, 1980 (polydor).

:: Posted on Wednesday, April 04, 2007 ::

March 28th 2007
with Nick Forté

Six Finger Satellite- "Laughing Larry" from The Pigeon is the Most Popular Bird- Savant Version (Subpop)
Deutch Amerikanishce Freundshaft- "Der Rauber und der Prinz" from 12" (Virgin)
Sparks- "Tryouts for the Human Race" from No.1 in Heaven (Virgin)
Eno/Moebius/Roedelius/Plank- "Pitch Control" from Begegnungen (Sky)
Wasserman- "W.I.R" 12" (Profan)
Luomo-"Synkro" from Vocal City (Forcetracks)
Markus Guentner- "Jellyfish" from 1981 (Kompakt)
Fenn O'berg- "We Will Diffuse You" from The Return of Fenn O'berg (Mego)
Franciscan Hobbies- "Apprehension of Reality" from Masks and Meanings (Soft Abuse)
John Butcher & Christof Kurzmann- "Redwood Second" from The Big Misunderstanding Between Hertz and Megahertz (Potlatch)
Cor Fuhler- "North-South" from Stengam (Potlatch)
Wolf Eyes- untitled track from Slicer (Hanson)
Yellow Swans and Birchville Cat Motel- "Terminal Saints" from s/t (Imortant)