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February 14th 2007
loooong tracks with Nick Forté

Hugh Hopper- "Miniplenty" from 1984 (Cuneiform)
Terry Riley- "Untitled Organ" from Reed Streams (Organ of Corti)
Dust/Omit- "Unit One: The Rising of Massed Deformities" from Deformed (Corpus Hermeticum)
New Order- "Video 5-8-6" from Video 5-8-6 (Touch)
Steven R. Smith- "Crown of Marches" from Crown of Marches (Catsup Plate)

:: Posted on Wednesday, February 21, 2007 ::

Playlist for January 31th 2007
with Nick Forté

Jesus and Mary Chain- "On the Wall" from Barbed Wire Kisses (Warner Bros.)
A certain Ratio- "Blown Away" from The Old and the New (creation)
Cornershop- "Juliandar Shere" from 12" (Wiiija)
Pretty Things- "Baron Saturday" from S.F. Sorrow (Snapper)
Massive Attack- "Angel" from Mezzanine (Virgin)
Prince Jammy- "Dub Three" from The Dubmasters (Blood and Fire)
La Dusseldorf- "Koksknodel" from Individuellos (Captain Trip)
The Raincoats- "Only Loved at Night" from Odyshape (Rough Trade)
Mark Perry- "The Whole World's Down on Me" from Snappy Turns (The Borrowers)
Junior Delahaye- "Working Hard for the Rent Man" from 12" (Wackies)
Dot Wiggin- untitled track from 12" (Audisensa)
Love Joys- "All I Can Say" from Lovers Rock (Wackies)
Outhud- "Guilty Party" from 7" no label
Richard H. Kirk- "Force of Habit" from Time High Fiction (Rough Trade)
Gunter Muller- "8" from Eight Landscapes (For4ears)
Eric Random- "23 Skidoo" from 7" (Les Disques Du Crepuscule)
Parson Sound- "From Tunis to India in Fullmoon" from s/t (Subliminal Sounds)
Hototogisu- Untitled track from Ghosts from the Sun (Important)
Horna- "Raiskfta Sanstaisessa Yalossa" from Anna Yossa (Moribund)
Twinkeyz- "Aliens in Our Midst" from Alpha Jerk (Plurex)

:: Posted on Wednesday, February 07, 2007 ::