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November 29, 2006
Viva La Trance with The Outlier
- - - - - -
King Crimson - 21st Century Schizoid Man
The Rah Band - Electric Fling
Clive Stevens + Brainchild - Mystery Man
Peru - Oriental
Eloy - Horizons
Chris + Cosey - This is Me
Throbbing Gristle - Hot on the Heels of Love
Ike Yard - A Dull Life
Pere Ubu - Non-Alignment Pact
UT - Ampheta
Boris Policeband - Tow Away
John Ruth - Stalk the Wild Animal
Duane Eddy - Stalkin'
Tangerine Dream - Madrigal Meridian
Deep Purple - Child in Time
Camel - Mystic Queen
Ashra - Bamboo Sands
YMO - Firecracker
Sneakthief - Damaszener
Chris Stone - Maple Leaf Rag

:: Posted on Wednesday, November 29, 2006 ::

Wednesday November 15, 2006
Viva La Trance with Nick Forte
- - - - - -
XTC- “Dance, with me Germany” from Explode Together: The Dub Experiments 78-80 (Virgin)
Holger Hiller- “Liebe Beamtinnen Und Beamte” from A Bunch of Foulness in the Pit (Cherry Red)
This Kind of Punishment- “From The Diary of Hermann Doubt” from A Beard of Bees (Xpressway/Ajax)
Eyeless in Gaza- “Fixation” from Photographs as Memories (Cherry Red)
Crude- “Me” from Refute a Myth Society (Ectstatic Yod)
Alu- “Halt Dich Fest”from Autismenschen (C.I.P.)
Moebius/Plank/Thompson- “Taras Bulba” from Ludwig's Law (Drag City)
Scott Walker- “The Old Man's Back Again” from Scott 4 (Mercury)
Pentangle- “Sally Free and Easy” from Solomon's Soul (Reprise)
Peeesseye- “oo-ee-oo” from Commuting Between the Surface and the Underworld (Evolving Ear)
Kevin Drumm- “Totemic Saturation” from untitled split LP with 2673 (Kitty Play)
Axolotl- “Uroboros” from Way Blank (Psycho-o-Path)
Soviet France- most of Side 1 of A Flock of Rotations (Red Rhino)
Jodi Cave- “Absent/Walking Backwards” from Blueprints Compilation (12K)
Markus Guentner- “Umgebung” from 1981 (Kompakt)
Thela- untitled track from Argentina (Ecstatic Peace)
Xasthur- “Trauma will Always Linger” from Subliminal Genocide (Hydrahead)

:: Posted on Wednesday, November 15, 2006 ::