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Playlist for Wednesday October 11, 2006
Viva La Trance! with Nick Forte "Sounds of the Acoustic Guitar"
- - - -
1. Jandek, "Liquids Flow to the Sea" from Your Turn to Fall. (Corwood Industries)
2. Robert Horton, "Spring Suite: Moss Pillows" from Just Before Setting the Sky on Fire. (Barrel Fire Recording)
3. Grouper, untitled track from Flashlight (Students of Decay)
4. Richard Coldman, "Fret Buzz" from Guitar Solos. (Incus)
5. Lal Waterson, "To Make You Stay" from Never the Same: Leave Taking from the British Folk Revival 1970-1977. (Honest John's)
6. Mountains, "Paper Windmill" from s/t CD. (Apestaartje)
7. Flying Saucer attack, "Into the light of Time" from Further. (Drag City)
8. Leafcutter John, "Mandolin Work" from The Housebound Spirit. (Planet Mu)
9. John Fahey, "When the Fire and the Rose are One" from Fare Forward Voyagers. (Takoma)
10. Fennesz, "Codeine " from Field Recordings, 1995-2002. (Touch)
11. Of, "Axes" from The Buried Stream. (Jewelled Antler)
12. Linda Perhacs, Parallelograms from Parallelograms. (The Wild Places)
13. Kemialliset Ystavat, "Kellertjun Versuhme" from Kellari Juniversumi. (Beta-lectam Ring)
14. Burkhard Stangl/Dieb13, "heeh" from eh. (Erstwhile)
15. Keith Fullerton Whitman, "Track3a(2waynice)" from Playthroughs. (Kranky)
16. Derek Bailey, "Paris" from Aida. (Dexter's Cigar)
17. Polwechsel/Fennesz, "Framing X" from The Wire Tapper 09: Special Edition Double CD. (Wire Magazine)
18. Sandy Denny, "Who Knows Where the Time Goes" from The Best of Sandy Denny. (Rykodisc)

:: Posted on Wednesday, October 11, 2006 ::

Playlist for Wednesday October 4, 2006
Viva La Trance with Nick Forte
- - - - - -
1. The Shadow Ring, "Egg Mombasa" from Lighthouse. (Swill Radio)
2. Asa-Chang & Junray, "Tsuginepu To Ittemita" from an EP. (Leaf )
3. Coil, "Something" from Music to Play in the Dark Vol.2. (Chalice)
4. Seafeel, "Utreat" from (Ch-Vox). (Rephlex)
5. Richard Youngs, "Soon it will be Fire" from Sapphie. (Oblique)
6. John Martyn, "Ain't No Saint" from Inside Out. (Island)
7. Grouper, "Wide" from s/t CD. (Free Porcupine Society)
8. Dot Wiggin, from untitled track, 12". (Audi Sensa)
9. Muslim Gauze, "Magic hands of Abdul Quadir" from Muslimlim (Staalplaat)
10. Cristian Vogel, "Macropanopticontinuum" from Dungeon Master (Tresor)
11. Xasthur, "A Gate Through Bloodstained Mirrors (remix) from Nocturnal Poisoning (Southern Lord)
12. Jazkamer, "Occult Glider" from Metal Music Machine (Smalltown Supernoise)
13. Xavier Joaquin, "Interpreta Obras de Lewin-Richter: Secuencia I Para Percusion y Cinta Magnetica" (Hemis Ferio)
15. Striborg, "Digging a Ditch to Die in" from Embittered Darkness (Southern Lord)
16. Sir Lord Baltimore, "Lady of Fire" from Kingdom Come (Mercury)
17. Golem, "Orion Awakes" from Orion Awakes. (Psi-fi)

:: Posted on Wednesday, October 04, 2006 ::