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Host seeks to break barriers con una ora of Latin music todos los fines de semana, Saturdays at 7pm to 8pm. She’s providing a context in Spanish and English. Informando on the music y la history, interviews with old and new artistas, performers and escritores is sure to entertain as well as informar. Features especiales include call-in translation and of some music. Esta pagina has been a long time coming so aque estamos, Hope that a ustedes le gusten the blog.

Saturday, January 23, 2010
Aquí vamos, to see a list of la música that I played con información about it, hopefuly!
1. -Ella fue (She was the One)- (Arist)-The Best of Fania All Stars-(CD)-Que Pasa-(Lable)-Faina-

The shows theme song;

2. - La Llave -(Arist)- Grupo Latin Vibe -(CD)- All that Vibe -(Lable)--

3. - Si Vuelves Tu -(Arist)- Deddie Ramero -(CD)- Deddie Ramero -(Lable)--

4. - Cambio -(Arist)- Daddy Yankee -(CD)- El Cartel -(Lable)- The Big Boss -

5. - El Mundo -(Arist)- Johnny Almendra -(CD)- Evolucionando -(Lable)--

6. - Changuito Se Botó,Changuito -(Arist)- Jose Luis Quintana -(CD)- Telegrafia Sin Hilo -(Lable)--

7. - Se me fue -(Arist)- el gran combo -(CD)- 35th Anniversary -(Lable)- Combo -

8. - Siempre en Mi Corazón -(Arist)- Omara Portuondo -(CD)- Buena Vista Social Club Presents -(Lable)--

9. - Como son las Cosas -(Arist)- Cortijo y Su Combo -(CD)- Juntos Otra Vez -(Lable)- Musical Productions -

10.- Por accidente oficial -(Arist)- Choco Otra -(CD)- Ahora Mismo -(Lable)--

11.- La Comay -(Arist)- La Sonora Carruseles -(CD)- 30 Salsa Colombianas Pegaditas -(Lable)- Discos Fuentes -

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