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Posted on Monday, November 21, 2005

Play List for November 18, 2005
1 "Camelot" by Maury Laus and George Stravo from The Heritage Of Broadway 1960 Time.
2 "Guinevre" by Donovan from Sunshine Superman on vinyl 1966 Epic.
3 "The Day John Kennedy Died" by Angel Corpus Christi from I Love New York 1985 Munster Records.
4 "Lee Harvey Was A Friend Of Mine" by Laura Cantrell from The Hello Recordings.
5 "Conspiracy Theory" by Steve Earle from Jerusalem 2002 E Squared.
6 "Celeste" by Donovan from Sunshine Superman.
7 "Theme To The Autumn Leaves (Instrumental) by The Autumn Leaves from Treats And Treasures 1997.
The remaining songs on the list are all vinyl recordings from WJFF's 7th annual music sale.
8 "Marching Through Madrid" by Herb Albert and the Tijuana Brass-331/3.
9 "Bach's Minuet In G" by Willie Nelson-45.
10 "Waterloo" by Stonewall Jackson from Ramblin' Country Columbia 331/3.
11 "Apache" by Jorgen Ingman and his guitar 45.
12 "Merry Christmas Baby" by Elvis Presley from Elvis Sings The Wonderful World Of Christmas 1971 RCA 331/3.
13 "Shaving Cream" by Benny Bell 45.
14 "Flamingo Express" by The Royaltones 45.
15 "Shut Uppa You Face" by Jim Dolce 45.
16 "The Fightin' Side Of Me" by Merle Haggard 45.
17 "To Susan On The West Coast Waiting" by Donovan 45.
18 "The Lonely Bull" by Herb Albert and the Tijuana Brass 45.

Posted on Saturday, November 12, 2005

Play List for November 11, 2005
1 "Suddenly It's Christmas" by Loudon Wainwright III from Career Moves 1993 Virgin.
2 "Border Lights" by Tom Russell from Hotwalker 2005 Hightone Records.
3 "96 Tears" by ? and the Mysterians from Cameo Parkway 1966, 1967.
4 "Dreaming With Tears In My Eyes" by Bono from The Songs Of Jimmy Rogers A Tribute.
5 "Dancing With Tears In My Eyes" by Alvin Youngblood Hart from Territory 2005.
6 "Crying" by Roy Orbison and K D Lang from King Of Hearts 1992 Orbison Records.
7 "Everyday I Have To Cry" by Arthur Alexander from Lonely Just Like Me 2005 Nonsuch.
8 "As Tears Go By" by The Tolley Town Orchester from Tiki Tunes For Tiny Tots 2001 High Diving Horse Records.
9 "Anna" by The Beatles from The Early Beatles.
10 "You Better Move On" by The Rolling Stones from Singles 1963 to 1965.
11 "Lonely Just Like Me" by John Prine from Adios Amigo A Tribute To Arthur Alexander 1994 Razor and Tie.
12 "I Love You So" by Felix Cavaliere and Veronica from Adios Amigo.
13 "Genie In The Jug" by Arthur Alexander from Lonely Just Like Me.
14 "The Patriot Game" from Irish Folk Festival Live 1974.
15 "Veterans Day" by Tom Russell from The Long Way Around 1997 High Tone.
16 "Tom Trauberts Blues (Four Sheets To The Wind In Coppenhagen) by Tom Waits from Small Change 1976 Asylum.
Arthur Alexander Jr. born May 10, 1940 died June 9, 1993.

Posted on Sunday, November 06, 2005

Play List 11/04/05
1 "In A Town This Size" by John Prine with Delores Keane from In Spite Of Ourselves 1999 Oh Boy.
2 "Private Conversation" by Lyle Lovett from The Road To Ensonado 1996 Curb-MCA.
3 "Me And You" by Gurf Morlix from Cut N Shoot 2004 Blue Corn.
4 "Were You Lying Down?" by Gurf Morlxz from Cut N Shoot.
5 "Love Match" by Buddy Miller with Steve Earl from Cruel Moon Hightone Records.
6 "God Will" by Lyle Lovett self-titled 1986 Curb-MCA.
7 "I Remember You" by Steve Earl with Emmylou Harris from Jerusalem 2002 E Squared.
8 "Stand By Your Man" by Lyle Lovett from Lyle Lovett And His Big Band 1989 UMG.
9 "Run For Your Life" by The Cowboy Junkies from This Bird Has Flown a 2005 cd celebrating the 40th anniversary of The Beatles Rubber Soul.
10 "I'm Sorry But So Is Brenda Lee" by Marshall Crenshaw from Downtown on Rhino Records.
11 "Dum Dum" by Brenda Lee from 16 Greatest Hits 2005 Intersound.
12 "Waltzing With You" by Jay Unger and Molly Mason on Angel Records.
13 "Walk Through The Bottomland" by Bill and Bonnie Hearne with Lyle Lovett from Diamonds In The Rough 1997 Warner.
14 "If I Had A Boat" by Lyle Lovett from Pontiac 1987 Curb-MCA.
15 "The Waltzing Fool" from Lyle Lovett 1986 Curb-MCA.
16 "Family Reserve" by Lyle Lovett from Joshua Judges Ruth 1992 Curb-MCA.
17 "L A County" by Lyle Lovett from Pontiac.
Happy Birthday, Lyle Lovett born 11/1/56.