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Posted on Sunday, October 30, 2005

Play List for October 28, 2005
1 "No More Auction Block For Me" by Sweet Honey In The Rock from Songs Of The Civil War 1991 Sony.
2 "Excerpts from Rosa Parks' interview 6/2/95.
3 "I Shall Not Be Moved" by Pop Staples from Peace In The Neighborhood 1992 Point Blank.
4 "Waters of Babylon" by Sweet Honey in The Rock from Feel Something Drawing Me On 1985 Flying Fish.
5 "Hank and Fred" by Loudon Wainwright III from Here Come The Chopers 2005 Sovereign Artists.
6 "Honky Tonk Blues" by Dion from Bronx in Blue 2005 Dimension Music.
7 "Tango No. 3-Determination For Rosa Parks" by The Lounge Lizards from No Pain For Cakes.
8 "The Sounds" from Halloween Spooktacular.
9 "The Brides of Dracula" (Love Never Dies) by Jubilaeum Anno Dracula from Theater Des Vampires 2001 Blackend.
10 "Bad Moon Rising" by Thea Gilmore from Loft Music 2003 Compass.
11 "Season of the Witch" by Babylonian Files from Subnation Volume 2 An American Dark Wave.
12 "Annabelle Lee written by Edgar Allan Poe, read by John Carradine.
13 "Annabelle Lee by T Bone Burnett selftitled 1986 MCA.
14 "Cold Cold Ground" by Tom Waitts from Frank's Wild Years 1990.
15 More Halloween Sounds.
16 "Hallo Halloween" by Michi Vogdt title track from Octobia.
Rosa Parks 2/14/13 to 10/24/05.

Posted on Sunday, October 23, 2005

Play List for October 21, 2005
1 "Blue Skies" from Victoria Williams Sing Some Old Songs 2002 Dualtone.
2 "Blue Skies" by Tom Waits from The Early Years Volume 2 1993 Manifesto.
3 "What'll I Do?" by The Fleetwoods. They recorded this Irving Berlin tune in 1963.
4 "Blue Umbrella" by John Prine from Souviners 2000 Oh Boy Records.
5 "Tusk" by Fleetwood Mac from The Dance 1990 Warner Brothers.
6 "Baby's In Black" on vinyl from The Beatles' 65 on Capital.
7 "Painted Black" by The Puhdys from Rock And Roll Music 1998 Omega.
8 "Blue Blue Day" this Don Williams' classic was performed here by Ian Matthews from his cd Valley-Hi 2005 Rhino.
9 "Blue Moon" by the Ventures from Walk Don't Run-Greatest Hits 1998 EMI.
10 "Poor Boy Shuffle"
11 "Feeling Blue" These two cuts are from CCR's Willie And The Poor Boys 1969 Fantasy.
12 "Am I Blue" by Billie Holiday from Blue Billie recorded in 1937.
13 "Am I Too Blue" from Lucinda Williams self-titled 1998 cd on Koch.
14 "Blue" by Lucinda Williams from Essence 2001 Lost Highway.
15 "Blue Days Black Nights" by David Olney from Border Crossing 2003 Korazong Records.
16 "Blue Days Black Nights" by Buddy Holly from The Buddy Holly Collection 1993 MCA.
17 "Am I Blue" by George Shearing.
18 "Pale Blue Eyes" (Closet Mix) by The Velvet Underground from The Best Of 2000.
Blue-The color which the sky exhibits.......Depression, the dumps.... Webster

Posted on Monday, October 10, 2005

Play List for October 10, 2005
1 "Great Compromise" by John Prine from Anthology.
2 "Bad Boy" by John Prine from German Afternoons.
3 "Paradise" by Rig The Jig.
4 "Big Old Goofy World" by John Prine from The Missing Years.
5 "Clocks And Spoons" by John Prine from Diamonds In The Rough.
6 "Dear Abby" by John Prine from Anthology.
7 "Your Flag Decal Won't Get You Into Heaven Anymore" by John Prine from John Prine.
8 "Killing The Blues" by John Prine from Chinatown.
9 "Sam Stone" by Laura Cantrell.
10 "Angel From Montgomery" by Dave Mathews.
11 " Hello In There" by John Prine from John Prine.
12 "Mexican Home" by John Prine from Sweet Revenge.
13 "Ain't Hurting Nobody" by John Prine from Lost Dogs And Mixed Blessings.
Happy Birthday John Prine born 10/10/46 in Maywood, Illinois.
Big thanks to Bob Gordon for co-hosting.

Posted on Monday, October 03, 2005

Play List for September 30, 2005
1 "This Old Guitar" by Neil Young with EmilyLou Harris from Prairie Wind 2005 Reprise.
2 "I'm Gonna Sit On The Porch And Pick On My Old Guitar" by Damon Bramblett from Dressed In Black A Tribute To Johnny Cash 2002 Dualtone.
3 "Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar" by Doc and Merle Watson from Guitar Album 1983 Flying Fish.
4 "Skinny Legs" by Lyle Lovett from I Love Everybody 1994 Curb.
5 "Old Guitar" by John Bacon from Twelve String 2004.
6 "Roadhouse Boogie" by Duane Eddy from Anthology 1993 Rhino.
7 "Six String Down" by Hans Theesink from Lifeline 1998 Rebeat Music.
8 "Blowin In The Wind" by Duane Eddy from Duane Does Dylan 2005 Rhino, originally recorded in 1965.
9 "Soldier Boy" by The Shirelles.
10 "Dear John" by Jean Shephard.
11 "Mister Lonely" by Bobby Vinton.
12 "My Girl" by Hans Theesink from Songs From The Southland 2003 Reebeat Music.
13 "Dear John" by The Believers from Row 2002 Baptism By Fire.
14 "Dreams" by John Bacon from Twelve String 2004.
15 "It's A Dream" by Neal Young from Praire Wind 2005 Reprise.