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Playlists, Out, Loud, and Queer
Playlist, June 6, 2008
Phranc/Goofyfoot/Bulldagger Swagger
Mark Barnes/The Awakening/Awakening
Le Sorelle Marinetti/Non Ce Ne Importa Niente/Non Me Ne Importa Niente/Cher Medley/Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen
Ellis/Break The Spell/How It Would Be
Cyndi Lauper/She's So Unusual/Girls Just Want to Have Fun/She-bop
Will Young/Keep On/All Time Love
Blue Light/I See Fine/I See Fine
Melissa Etheridge/The Road Less Traveled, Greatest Hits/Refugee/Piece of My Heart
Rufus Wainwright/Release the Stars/Between My Legs
Playlist, June 13, 2008
Phranc/Goofyfoot/Bulldagger Swagger
Cyndi Lauper/She's So Unusual/Money Changes Everything/Time After Time
Le Sorelle Marinetti/Non Ce Ne Importa Niente/Ultimissime/I Know Why (and so do you)
Lisa Jackson/Beautiful Freak
Flipping The Pig/My Heroic Cadences/The Ripple/It's Love That Matters
Rufus Wainwright/Release The Stars/Do I Disappoint You
Toshi Reagon/Toshi/Positive Information
The B-52s/Being Out Rocks/Topaz
Klaus Nomi/Wayward Sisters
Playlist, June 20, 2008
Phranc/Goofyfoot/Bulldagger Swagger
Kitty Rose/Te! Music presents Sing Out Loud/Hot Down There
Jay Spears/Playin' On My Team/Playin' On My Team/My Boyfriend's Back
Angie Evans/Cycle of Fruit/Tip
Tom Goss/Rise/Morning Sun
Le Sorelle Marinetti/Non Ce Ne importa Niente/Ma Le Gambe
Kate Clinton/Climate Change/I 8 Suze Orman
Horse/Red Haired Girl/Red Haired Girl
Sleater-Kinney/All Hands On the Bad One/Male Model
Morry Campbell/Long Way Home/Leatherwing Bat
Kevin Aviance/Entity/Alive
Michelle Shocked/Don't Ask Don't Tell/Don't Ask
Jill Sobule/Pink Pearl/One of These Days

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Playlist, Out, loud, and Queer
Playlist, May 23, 2008       
Phranc/Goofyfoot/Bulldagger Swagger
Scissor Sisters/Ta Dah/I Don't Feel Like Dancing
Michael Vaccaro/Archangel/Dancing Queen
Sister Funk/Pursuit of the Groove/Truth Will Set You Free
Rupaul/Supermodel of the World/Supermodel
Frustrated Housewives/Boys Like Me/I Know What Boys Like
Jonathan Richman/I Was Dancing In The Lesbian Bar
Djola Branner/Mighty Real, A Tribute to Sylvester/You Make Me Feel (mighty real)
Ari Gold/Space Under Sun/Fan-tastic
Fem 2 Fem, Woman to Woman/Switch
Queer As Folk/The Whole Love Thing. Sorted/I Am What I Am/It's Raining Men

:: Posted on Wednesday, June 04, 2008 ::

Playlists, Out, Loud, and Queer

Playlist, May 2, 2008, David Eye guest poet

Phranc/Goofyfoot/Bulldagger Swagger

B52s/Funplex/Juliet of the Spirits/Dancing Now

KD Lang/Watershed/Once in a While

Brady Earnhardt/Manalapan/Car Repair


Playlist, May 9, 2008, 

 Mike D'Antonio, Host

1. Don't Stop Believin' (2007 NYC Pride Mix)/Brian Kent/Breathe Life

2. Get it Gone (Remix)/Terry Christopher/Journey of a Wordsmith

3. Absolute/Jimmy Worm/Jimmy Worm

4. You Found Me/Levi Kreis/The Gospel According to Levi

5. So Much Soul/Reuben Butchart/Golden Boy

6. In Your Eyes/The Figs/Avalanche

7. Boy in a Dress/Namoli Brennet/Boy in a Dress

8. Greyhound Bus/martine Locke/On the Verge

9. Kiss that Counted/Catie Curtis/Being Out Rocks

10. Nashville/Indigo Girls/Rites of Passage

11. In the Last 5 Minutes/Mark Weigle/Out of the Loop

12. Peace of Me/Josh Zuckerman/Out from Under

13. Wave of You/Ari Gold/Space Under Sun

14. Alive/Kevin Aviance/Entity EP


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Playlist, Out, Loud, and Queer
Playlist, April 18, 2008
Phranc/Goofyfoot/Bulldagger Swagger
Ari Gold/Space Under Sun/Fan-tastic
Toshi Reagon/Toshi/Mountain Top/I Hate/I Love
Clay Callaway/Darn It, Baby, That's Love!/That's What I Like About You
Erika Luckett/Unexpected/Unexpected
Sandy Rapp/We The People/White Men in Black Dresses
David Brown/Splendid Wings/The Holy Ones
Metropolitan Klezmer/Surprising Finds/Howie's Doyna/No. 2 Freylekh
Reuben Buchart/Golden Boy/Belle of the Ball
Adam Joseph/How I Seem To Be/Gotta Way
Candye Kane/The Toughest Girl Alive/The Toughest Girl Alive
Rufus Wainwright/Want One/Vibrate
Dorothy Scott/Restless Machinery/Heartbeat
Playlist, April 25, 2008
Phranc/Goofyfoot/Bulldagger Swagger
Pussy Tourette/Who Does She Think She Is?/Who Does She Think She Is?/Dyke That You Are
Angela Motter/Pleasure and Pain/Isitaboyisitagirl
Dusty Springfield/Reputation and Rarities/Any Other Fool
Drew Paralic/Blue Passion/My Aim is True
Erika Luckett/Unexpected/Deepest Deep
Polari by Juha/This Dream Is Gonna Blow
Ani diFranco/Up Up Up Up Up Up/Come Away From It
Elton John/The One/The One
Dusty Springfield/Dusty In Memphis/Breakfast In Bed
Reuben Buchart/Golden Boy/All There Is to Tell (with Antony)
Dykappella/At the Gates of Heaven/Lesbian Picnic

:: Posted on Saturday, April 26, 2008 ::

Playlists, Out, Loud, and Queer
Playlist, Out, Loud, and Queer, April 4, 2008
Phranc/Goofyfoot/Bulldagger Swagger
Chris Riffle/The Sun Is Up
Indigo Girls/Rarities/I Don't Wanna Talk About It/Ramblin' Round/It Won't Take Long//Finlandia
Clay Callaway/Darn It, Baby, That's Love/You Ain't Woman Enough to Take My Man
The Cliks/Snakehouse/Nobody Else Will/Back In Style
Tom Robinson/Hot and Sweet/Boygirl
The Breeders/Wicked Little Town
Mika/Billy Brown
Justin Tranter/Hot and Sweet/Blend In
Chris Bell/You and Your Sister
Candye Kane/White Trash Girl/White Trash Girl
Playlist, April 11, 2008
Phranc/Goofyfoot/Bulldagger Swagger
Klaus Nomi/Encore!/Fanfare/Total Eclipse/Lightning Strikes
Lipstick Conspiracy/Don't Tell A Soul/Just A Girl
KJ Denhert/Girl Like Me/Little Mary
Melissa Ferrick/Freedom/North Carolina/Freedom
Ferron/InsideOut/My Girl
Dennis Milone/Digital Realms/Oboe Dance
The Cliks/Snakehouse/Cry Me A River
B-52's/Being Out Rocks/Topaz
Janis Ian/Hunger/Might As Well Be Monday
Joan Armatrading/Square the Circle/If Women Ruled the World

:: Posted on Monday, April 14, 2008 ::

Playlist, Out, Loud, and Queer
Playlist, March 14, 2008, guest co-host, Michael Thomas
Phranc/Goofyfoot/Bulldagger Swagger
Jennifer Higdon/Piano Trio, Voices, Impressions/Voices, Blitz
KD Lang/Watershed/Upstream/Shadow and the Frame
Will Young/From Now On/You and I
Horse/Red Haired Girl/Catch My Fall
Rufus Wainwright/L. Cohen: I'm Your Man
Antony/L. Cohen: I'm Your Man/If It Be Your Will

:: Posted on Wednesday, March 19, 2008 ::

PLAYLIST, March 7, 2008--Guest host Mike D'Antonio
1. Patrick Boothe/Be That Man/Finally the View Has Changed
2. Brian Kent/Wish I Would've Said to You/Breathe Life
3. God-Des & She/Love You Better/Music With a Twist: Revolutions
4. Ripley Caine/Me or That/The Logic of Love
5. SONiA/Me, Too/Being Out Rocks
6. Melissa Etheridge/An Unusual Kiss/Your Little Secret
7. Scissor Sisters/Return to Oz/Scissor Sisters
8. Scissor Sisters/Kiss You Off/Ta-Dah
9. Rachel Sage/Better from Mars/Painting of a Painting
10. Mark Weigle/I Confess/The Truth Is
11. Indigo Girls/Three Hits/Rites of Passage
12. Elton John/American Triangle/Songs from the West Coast
13. k.d. lang/Summerfling/Invincible Summer

:: Posted on Monday, March 10, 2008 ::