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Playlist for 4/5/07
1. Elton Britt - "Pinto Pal (opening)" [from Soundies CD, Ridin' with Elton]
2. Sons of the Pioneers - "Rise and Shine" [from British Archive of Country Music Sampler Vol. 4; available from Frontier Records, see sidebar]

3. Sons of the Pioneers - "Moonlight Melody" [from BACM CD, Classic Western Harmony and Hot Swing, Vol. 2]
4. Hank Williams - "Cool Water" [from MGM CD, Alone with his Guitar]
5. Rex Allen - "Out Where the West Winds Blow" [from Soundies/Bloodshot Revival CD, The Last of the Great Singing Cowboys]
6. Eddie Dean - "I Hung My Head and Cried" [from Soundies CD, On the Banks of the Sunny San Juan]
7. Wilf Carter (Montana Slim) - "Swiss Moonlight Lullaby" [from Smithsonian Folkways LP, Classic Country Music]
8. Dick Thomas - "Halfway to Montana" [from National Records Co. 78rpm]
9. Mike Johnson - "Yeah, I'm a Cowboy" [from The Roughguide to Yodel CD]
10. Buell Kazee - " " [from Yazoo Records CD, Kentucky Mountain Music (CD6)]
11. Wanda Jackson - "Cowboy Yodel"
12. Jim Miller and Buffalo Country - "Bravest Cowboy" [from CD, Herd I'm Drinking]
13. Sain Family - "Texas Trail" [from Montgomery Wards 78rpm]
14. Jimmy Rodgers and the Carter Family - "Yodeling Cowboy Song"
15. Dick Duvall - "On the Lone Star Cow Trail" [from Yazoo Records CD, When I Was a Cowboy, Vol. 1]
16. Arthur Miles - "Lonely Cowboy" [from Yazoo Records CD, When I Was a Cowboy, Vol. 1]
17. Jenks "Tex" Carmen - "My Dog, My Everything" [from Bear Family CD, Cow Punk]
18. Kenny Roberts - " Just a Yodel for Me" [from The Roughguide to Yodel]
19. Carl C. Sprague - "Bury Me Not on the Lone Prarie" [from Montgomery Wards 78rpm]

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