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My apologies for not keeping up on my playlists but I just can't seem to find the time. Country Crossroads continues on Thursday afternoon at 1pm e.s.t. on 90.5fm in the Catskills or online at So keep tuning in--we're always digging up the obscurities and still playing your favorites.

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:: Posted on Wednesday, June 25, 2008 ::

Playlist for 5/3/07
1. Porky Freeman - "Boogie Woogie on Strings" [from CD, The Boogie Woogie Boy on Cattle Compact]
2. Werly Fairburn - "Good Deal Lucille" [from CD box set on Proper Records, From Boppin' Hillbilly to Red Hot Rockabilly]
3. Hawkshaw Hawkins - "I'll Get Even with You" [from RCA Victor 45rpm]
4. Jimmy Myers - "Ding Dong Mama from Tennessee" [from CD box set on Proper Records, From Boppin' Hillbilly to Red Hot Rockabilly]
5. Lattie Moore - "100,000 Women Can't Be Wrong" [from WestSide CD, I'm Not Broke But I'm Badly Bent]
6. Hank Locklin - "Let Me Be the One" [SSS 45]
7. Dolly Parton - "Living on Memories of You" [from Sony/Legacy CD, Jolene(?)]
8. Charlie Monroe & the Kentucky Pardners - Man-O-Ree Radio Show from 1944 [from CD box set on JSP Records, Old Time Country Radio]
9. Hank Locklin - "In the House of the Lord" [Sunday Morning at Our House LP on Design]
10. Wanda Jackson - "Making Believe"
11. ??? - "Making Friends with the Blues" [from LP, Steel Guitar Favorites]
12. Benny Thomasson, et al. - "Forty Years Ago Waltz" [from County Records CD, Texas Hoedown; 1965]
13. A.P. Carter - "I Cannot Be Your Sweetheart" [from CD box set on JSP Records, Old Time Country Radio]
14. The Carter Family - "Sitting on Top of the World" [from same set as the last one]
15. Rose Maddox with the Vern Williams Band - "When God Dips his Love in My Heart" [from Arhoolie CD, Beautiful Bouquet]

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:: Posted on Thursday, May 03, 2007 ::

Playlist for 4/26/07
1. Dolly Parton - "My Blue Tears (acoustic demo)" [from CD reissue of Coat of Many Colors on Sony/Legacy]
2. Dolly Parton - "Old Black Kettle" [from CD reissue of My Tennessee Mountain Home on Sony/Legacy]
3. Lynn Anderson - "The Auctioneer"
4. June Stearns - "It's Just Another Song Now" [Starday LP, Country Girl Hall of Fame]
5. Rose Maddox with the Vern Williams Band - "Turn Your Radio On" [from Arhoolie CD, Beautiful Bouquet]
6. Ola Belle Reed - "I've Endured" [from Smithsonian Folkways CD, Classic Bluegrass, Vol. 2]
7. Patsy Cline - "Just A Closer Walk With Thee" [from Hilltop LP, In Care of the Blues]
Next set is all Patsy Cline:
8. "Turn the Cards Slowly" [Hilltop LP, Miss Country Music]
9. "I Don't Wanta" [Decca 45]
10. "Walking Dream" [Decca 45]
11. "Walking After Midnight" [From MCA CD, ...Live at the Grand Ole Opry]

12. "Imagine That" [Decca 45]
13. "Never No More" [Hilltop LP, Miss Country Music]
14. "Hungry for Love" [Everest 45]
15. "She's Got You" [From MCA CD, ...Live at the Grand Ole Opry]
16. "I Fall to Pieces" [from a Decca LP]
17. "Half as Much" [Decca 45]
18. "Sweet Dreams" [Decca LP]
19. "Ain't No Wheels on this Ship" [?, I forgot to make a note of where I sourced this one...]

I ran out of time before I got to "Three Cigarettes in an Ashtray" but it's a beauty and here's the video. Red Foley always looks a little off his nut...

And this one:

If you've got time on your hands, say you've been in a skiing accident and are in traction, spend some of it watching webcam videos of people singing Patsy Cline songs. Occasionally sweet but mostly wretched.

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:: Posted on Thursday, April 26, 2007 ::

Playlist for 4/5/07
1. Elton Britt - "Pinto Pal (opening)" [from Soundies CD, Ridin' with Elton]
2. Sons of the Pioneers - "Rise and Shine" [from British Archive of Country Music Sampler Vol. 4; available from Frontier Records, see sidebar]

3. Sons of the Pioneers - "Moonlight Melody" [from BACM CD, Classic Western Harmony and Hot Swing, Vol. 2]
4. Hank Williams - "Cool Water" [from MGM CD, Alone with his Guitar]
5. Rex Allen - "Out Where the West Winds Blow" [from Soundies/Bloodshot Revival CD, The Last of the Great Singing Cowboys]
6. Eddie Dean - "I Hung My Head and Cried" [from Soundies CD, On the Banks of the Sunny San Juan]
7. Wilf Carter (Montana Slim) - "Swiss Moonlight Lullaby" [from Smithsonian Folkways LP, Classic Country Music]
8. Dick Thomas - "Halfway to Montana" [from National Records Co. 78rpm]
9. Mike Johnson - "Yeah, I'm a Cowboy" [from The Roughguide to Yodel CD]
10. Buell Kazee - " " [from Yazoo Records CD, Kentucky Mountain Music (CD6)]
11. Wanda Jackson - "Cowboy Yodel"
12. Jim Miller and Buffalo Country - "Bravest Cowboy" [from CD, Herd I'm Drinking]
13. Sain Family - "Texas Trail" [from Montgomery Wards 78rpm]
14. Jimmy Rodgers and the Carter Family - "Yodeling Cowboy Song"
15. Dick Duvall - "On the Lone Star Cow Trail" [from Yazoo Records CD, When I Was a Cowboy, Vol. 1]
16. Arthur Miles - "Lonely Cowboy" [from Yazoo Records CD, When I Was a Cowboy, Vol. 1]
17. Jenks "Tex" Carmen - "My Dog, My Everything" [from Bear Family CD, Cow Punk]
18. Kenny Roberts - " Just a Yodel for Me" [from The Roughguide to Yodel]
19. Carl C. Sprague - "Bury Me Not on the Lone Prarie" [from Montgomery Wards 78rpm]

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:: Posted on Thursday, April 05, 2007 ::

Playlist for 3/29/07
1. Hank Thompson - "Wild Side of Life" [from Capitol LP, The Best of Hank Thompson]
2. Kitty Wells - "It Wasn't God who Made Honky Tonk Angels" [Decca LP, The Kitty Wells Story]
3. Bobby Helms - "Fraulein"
4. Kitty Wells - "I'll Always be Your Fraulein" [Decca 45]
5. Loretta Lynn - "Don't Come Home a-Drinkin' (with lovin' on your mind)"

6. Jack Webb - "I Come Home a-Drinkin' (to a worn-out wife like you)" [Decca 45]
7. Tennessee Ernie Ford - "16 Tons" [from Smithsonian Folkways LP box set, Classic Country Music]
8. Gloria Becker - "16 Pounds (Housewife's Lament)" [from REAL 45rpm]
9. Skeets MacDonald - "Don't Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes" [Capitol LP, The Country's Best]
10. Goldie Hill - "I Let the Stars Get in My Eyes" [from Decca 45]
11. Johnny Cash - "Boy Named Sue" [from newly reissued double-CD on Sony/Legacy, Johnny Cash at San Quentin]
12. Lois Williams - "A Girl Named Sam" [from Starday LP, A Girl Named Sam]
13. Ray Price - "Release Me" [from Columbia CD, Greatest Hits]
14. George Jones - "Release Me (from my sins)" [from Razor & Tie reissue of In A Gospel Way]
15. Hank Locklin - "Please Help Me I'm Falling"
16. Skeeter Davis - "(I Can't Help You) I'm Falling Too" [RCA Victor 45rpm]
17. Faron Young - "Hello Walls"
18. Ben Colder - "Hello Wall, No. 2" [MGM 45rpm]

:: Posted on Thursday, March 29, 2007 ::

Playlist for 3/15/07
1. Jimmy Martin - "Night" (Decca 45)
2. Bill Grant & Delia Bell - "Oklahoma Bluegrass Blues" (Kia-Michi 45)
3. Don Reno & Red Smiley with the Tennessee Cutups - "I'm Gone, Long Gone" (King 45)

Here's the pilot for "The Reno & Smiley Show" from 1962 for the Kroger grocery store chain (where, incidentally, my father was once a produce manager):

4. Lonzo & Oscar - "Hills of East Tennessee" (Starday 45)
5. Jimmy Skinner - "Dark Hollow" [Decca 45]
6. Bob Corley - "Income Tax" [RCA Victor 45]
7. Smokey Green - "Taxes" [Mark IV Records]
8. Lonnie Donegan - "There's A Big Wheel" [Hickory 45]
9. Nancy Hughes - "I Never Knew" [Ar-Tex 45]
10. Joe & Rose Lee Maphis - "Cold Heart of Steel" [Okeh 45]
11. Wanda Jackson - "Cryin' Through The Night" [Capitol 45]
12. The Miller Sisters - "There's No Right Way (to treat me wrong)" [Proper Records UK box set, From Boppin' Hillbilly to Red Hot Rockabilly]
13. Billie & Mark - "Just So You Love Me" [Demon 45]
14. Doug Warren & the Rays - "If the World Don't End Tomorrow (I'm Coming After You)" [Image Records 45]
15. Hank Thompson - "I Was the First One" [Capitol 45]
16. Bob Wills - "Mean Mama Blues" [Proper Records UK box set, Stompin' Singers and Western Swingers]
17. Hoyle Nix - "Darling Why Are You So Mean To Me" [same as #16]
18. Jimmie Revard - "Crafton Blues" [same as #16]
19. Curly Williams - "Saturday Night Rag" [same as #16]

:: Posted on Thursday, March 15, 2007 ::

Playlist for 3/8/07
All Gospel for this fund drive edition of Country Crossroads. Thanks go to Kevin Nutt, WFMU's stellar host of Sinner's Crossroads program for several of these tunes, taken from various fund drive premiums over the years. Thanks also to WJFF listeners for their support of community radio.

1. Florida Spiritualaires - "Bye & Bye"
2. Blind Willie Johnson - "Let Your Light Shine On Me" [Yazoo Records CD, Sweeter As the Years Go By]
3. Blind Willie Davis - "Trust In God and Do Right"
4. Sam Cooke & Soul Stirrers - "Jesus I'll Never Forget"
5. Bells of Joy - "Let Us Talk About Jesus"
6. Johnny Cash - "That's Enough"
7. Fern Jones - "I Do Believe" [Numero Group CD, The Glory Road]
8. Rev. Gary Davis - "I Am the Light of the World"
9. Dr. C.J. Johnson & his Family - "Try Hard to Wait on the Lord" [Savoy LP]
10. Radio Four - "How Much I Owe"
11. Staple Singers - "Don't Knock"
12. Chosen Gospel Singers - "Don't You Know the Man"
13. Georgia Sea Island Singers - "Beulah Land"
14. Sister Rosetta Tharpe - "Daniel in the Den (He Locked the Lion's Jaw)"

:: Posted on Thursday, March 08, 2007 ::