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Country Crossroads, 9/28/06
Took the week off and aired Part Two of a special on The Byrds.

:: Posted on Thursday, September 28, 2006 ::

Playlist for 9/21/06
1. Tommy Bradley - "Adam & Eve" [from Old Hat CD, Violin Sing the Blues for Me]
2. Larry Johnson - "Ragged & Dirty" [from Blue Goose LP, Fast & Funky]
3. Son House - "Rochester Blues" [from Blue Goose LP, The Real Delta Blues]
4. Bukka White - "Aberdeen Mississippi Blues" [from Takoma LP, Mississippi Blues]
4.5 Jimmie Rodgers - "Waiting for a Train"
5. Roy Acuff - "Steel Guitar Blues" [from Columbia CD, White Country Blues]
The next set was an episode of Mother's Best Show with Hank Williams, Audrey & the gang. Read all about it at Hank's daughter's site: Just don't tell her you heard it here...
6. Intro
7. "On the Banks of the Old Pontchartrain"
8. "Blue Love in my Heart" (Audrey Williams, vocals)
9. "Can't You Hear the Blessed Saviour Calling You"
10. Cathy Fink - "Yodeling Lesson" [from The Rough Guide to Yodel, Rough Guides CD]
11. Don Walser - "Rolling Stone from Texas" [from some CD box set or other; Don Walser died on 9/20/06]
12. Elton Britt -"Cannonball Yodel" [from RCA Victor LP, Yodel Songs]
13. Bill Monroe & Bluegrass Boys - "Goodbye Old Pal" [from JSP box set, All The Classic Releases]
14. Ed Sanders - "Yodeling Robot" [from The Rough Guide to Yodel, Rough Guides CD]
15. Slim Whitman - "The Yodeler" ???

:: Posted on Thursday, September 21, 2006 ::

Playlist for 9/7/06
1. Wanda Jackson - "I Gotta Know" [Capitol CD, Vintage Collection]
2. Lloyd McCullough and the Drifting Hillbillies - "Watch That Girl" [Proper box set, From Boppin' Hillbilly to Red Hot Rockabilly]
3. Jim Flaherty's Caravan - "Real Gone Daddy" [Rhino Records CD, Rockin' Bones]
4. Johnny Horton - "First Train Heading South" [Columbia LP, The Fantastic Johnny Horton]
5. Johnny Cash - "Guess Things Happen That Way"
6. Webb Pierce - "I Ain't Never" [Decca LP, Greatest Hits]
7. Buck Owens - "Close Up The Honky-Tonks" [from Capitol LP, Together Again/My Heart Skips A Beat]
8. Charlie Walker - "Pick Me Up On Your Way Down" [Columbia CD, Honky Tonk Heroes]
----- [Breaks by the Monterey Brass]
9. Norma Jean - "It's About Time" [from RCA Victor LP, Jackson Ain't A Very Big Town]
10. Melba Montgomery - "He Called Me Baby" [from Capitol LP, The Big Wonderful Country World of Melba Montgomery]
11. Diana Trask - "You've Got What It Takes" [from Dot LP, Miss Country Soul]
12. Tammy Wynette - "I Stayed Long Enough" [from CD, Stand By Your Man]
13. Dolly Parton - "Put It Off Until Tomorrow" [from LP, In the Beginning]
14. George Jones and Tammy Wynette - "We Go Together" [Epic LP, We Go Together]
15. Connie Smith - "Not 'Til You Come Back to Me" [from RCA Victor LP, Cute 'n' Country]
16. Henry Thomas - "The Fox and Hounds" [from CD, Texas Worried Blues on Yazoo]
17. Old Crow Medicine Show - "New Virginia Creeper" [from Nettwerk CD, Big Iron World]
18. Riley Baugus - "Long Steel Rail" [from Sugar Hill CD, Long Steel Rail]
19. Old Crow Medicine Show - "My Good Gal" [from Nettwerk CD, Big Iron World]
20. Whitey McPherson - "Never No Mo' Blues" [from CD, White Country Blues]

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