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Playlist for 1/19/06
1. Chatham County Line - "Make Some Pay" [from Yep Roc CD, Route 23]
2. Paul Burch w/ Ralph Stanley - "Little Glass of Wine" [Bloodshot CD, For a Decade of Sin]
3. Black Twigs - "Lost Up The Holler Blues" [from VHF Records CD, Midnight Has Come and Gone]
4. The Broken Family Band - "Walking Back to Jesus, Part 2" [from Jesus Songs EP on Track & Field, UK]
----- [breaks today courtesy of Kai Winding]
5. Johnny Cash - "Straight A's in Love" [from Sun 45rpm record]
6. June Carter - "No Swallerin' Place" [Columbia 45]
7. Ginny Wright - "I Want You Yes" [Fabor 45; Click here to join Ginny's Yahoo Group]
8. Bonnie Sloane - "Hogtied & Branded" [Columbia 45]
9. The Coon Creek Girls - "Banjo Picking Girl" [from County CD, Old Time Mountain Banjo]
10. Grandpa Jones - "Fix Me a Pallet" [King 45]
11. The Lonesome Sisters - "Forgiveness" [from CD, The Lonesome Sisters with Riley Baugus on Tin Halo Music]
12. The Old 97s - "I'd Be Lonesome" [Bloodshot CD, For a Decade of Sin]
13. Eleni Mandell - "Tell Me Twice" [from CD, Country for True Lovers on Trocadero]
14. Porter Hall, TN - "Screwed Blue" [from CD, Welcome to Porter Hall, TN]
15. The Starkweathers - "Burn the Flag" [Bloodshot CD, For a Decade of Sin]
16. Charlie Feathers - "Uh, Huh, Honey" [from Norton CD, Uh Huh Honey]
17. Fern Jones - "You Ain't Got Nothin'" [from Numero Group CD, The Glory Road]
18. Arthur Guitar Boogie Smith & his Crackerjacks - "All Night Blues" [MGM 45]

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Playlist for 1/12/06
Truncated show on account of Judge Alito's confirmation hearings.
1. Loretta Lynn - "Miss Being Mrs." [from CD, Van Lear Rose on Interscope]
2. Loretta Lynn - "The Darkest Day"
3. Melba Montgomery - "The Mood I'm In" [from LP, The Mood I'm In on United Artists]
4. Melba Montgomery & George Jones - "Suppose Tonight Would Be Our Last Night Together" [from LP, What's In Our Hearts on United Artists]
5. Jerry Byrd - "Byrd Boogie" [from Cattle Compact CD]
6. Brewster Avenue Rhythm Boys - "Stop-N-Go Boogie" [from ACE CD, King Hillbilly Bop and Boogie]
7. Pee Wee King and Redd Stewart - "Waitin'" [from LP, Back Again on Starday]
8. Wynn Stewart - "Wishful Thinking" [from LP, Country Chartbusters on Design]
9. Ray Price - "You Done Me Wrong" [from CD, Greatest Hits on Columbia]
10. Wanda Jackson - "Wasted" [from LP, Tears at the Grand Old Opry on Pickwick]
11. Jimmy Bryant - "Blow Your Hat in the Creek"
Playlist for 1/5/06
Hank Williams Special [all songs performed by Hank Williams unless it says otherwise]
1. "Why Don't You Love Me" [from MGM LP, Live at the Grand Ole Opry]
2. "Settin' the Woods on Fire" [MGM LP, 24 of Hank Williams Greatest Hits]
----- [Break by Danny Davis and the Nashville Brass - "Kaw-Liga"]
3. Skeeter Davis - "You're Cheatin' Heart" [from RCA Victor LP, I'll Sing You a Song and Harmonize Too]
4. "My Love For You Has Turned to Hate" [from Proper Box Set CD, Hillbilly Hero]
5. "Please Don't Let Me Love You" [from MGM CD, Alone With His Guitar]
6. "Move It On Over" [from MGM LP, 24 of Hank Williams Greatest Hits]
7. Brenda Lee - "Jambalaya" [from Cattle Compact CD, Boppin' Hillbillies on the Air]
8. Elvis Presley - "Your Cheatin' Heart"
---- [More Danny Davis and the Nashville Brass - "Long Gone Lonesome Blues"]
The following is an episode of the Mother's Best Flour Show that featured Hank Williams
9. "Mother's Best Flour Theme"
10. "Nobody's Lonesome for Me"
11. Audrey Williams - "Tightwad Daddy"
12. "I'll Have a New Body"
----- [Even more Danny Davis and the Nashville Brass - "I Saw the Light"]
13. Emmett Miller - "Lovesick Blues" [from Columbia CD, The MInstrel Man from Georgia]
14. "Lonesome Whistle" [from Hillbilly Hero]
15. "Six More Miles" [from Hillbilly Hero]
16. "Baby, We're Really in Love" [from Hillbilly Hero]
17. "Lost Highway" [from Hillbilly Hero]

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