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Playlist for 12/29/05
No regular show today. Aired a documentary on Townes Van Zandt instead.

:: Posted on Thursday, December 29, 2005 ::

Playlist for 12/22/05
1. Jerry Byrd - "This 'n' That" [from Cattle Compact CD, Early Country & Hawaiian Steel Guitar Classics]
2. Hank Thompson - "Six Pack to Go" [from Capitol LP, The Best of...]
3. Lattie Moore - "I'm Not Broke but I'm Badly Bent" [from West Side CD of the same name]
4. The Collins Kids - "Walkin' the Floor Over You" [from Columbia LP, The Best of Country Music]
5. The Collins Kids - "Rock Boppin' Baby" [from Columbia LP, Rockabilly Stars, Vol. 2; 1958]
6. Harold Jenkins (Conway Twitty) - "Crazy Dreams" [from Rounder CD, Sun Rockabilly; 1956]
7. Kitty Wells - "Christmas Ain't Like Christmas" [from a Kitty Wells Christmas LP on Decca]
8. Margie Bowes - "Little Miss Belong to No One" [from Mercury LP, Galaxy of Country & Western Golden Hits]
9. Diana Trask - "I've Got to Do a Little Bit Better [Dot LP, Miss Country Soul]
10. Jeannie C. Riley - "I Almost Called Your Name" [from Pickwick LP, The World of Country]
11. Diana Trask - "I Want to Do Everything for You" [from Dot LP, Miss Country Soul]
12. Johnny Adams - "Reconsider Me" [CMF Records CD, Night Train to Nashvile]
13. Bonnie Owens - "My Hi-Fi to Cry By"
14. Carl Butler & Pearl - "We'll Sweep Out the Ashes in the Morning" [from Columbia LP, Greatest Hits]
15. Patsy Cline - "Walking After Midnight" [from Decca LP]
16. Eddie Pennington - "Raindrops" [ from Smithsonian Folkways CD, Walks the Strings and Even Sings]
17. Red Sovine - "Christmas Alone" [from Cattle Compact CD]
18. Floyd Cramer - "Flip Flop & Bob" [from Cattle Compact CD]

:: Posted on Thursday, December 22, 2005 ::

Playlist for 12/15/05
1. Ernest Tubb - "In the Jail House Now" [Decca 45]
2. Charlie Feathers - "The Wild Side of Life" [from CD, Uh Huh, Honey on Norton]
----- [breaks by Lenny Dee]
3. Jimmie Rodgers - "Blue Yodel" [from JSP box set, Classic Sides: 1927-1928]
4. Jimmie Rodgers - "Waiting for a Train" [1928; from RCA Victor LP, Never No Mo' Blues]
5. Jimmie Rodgers - "Why There's a Tear in my Eye" [from the JSP box set]
6. Gene Autry - "Frankie & Johnny" [from Legacy CD, Blues Singer, 1929--1939]
7. Cliff Carlisle - "Trouble Minded Blues" [from JSP box set, A Country Legacy, 1930-1939]
8. Cliff Carlisle - "Shanghai Rooster" [ditto]
9. Cliff Carlisle - "Black Jack David" [ditto]
10. Bascam Lamar Lunsford - "Italy" [from County CD, Old Time Mountain Banjo]
11. Hank Snow - "The Golden Rocket" [from RCA Victor LP, Country Classics; 1956]
-----[Lenny Dee]
12. Fern Jones - "I Was There When It Happened" [from NumeroGroup CD, The Glory Road]
13. Tommy Collins - "Upon this Rock" [from Capitol LP, Words & Music Country Style]
14. Roy Acuff - "Night Train to Memphis" [from Columbia LP, Greatest Hits]
15. Melba Montgomery - "Listen Arms" [from United Artists LP, America's #1 Country and Western Girl Singer]
16. Kitty Wells - "Am I that Easy to Forget" [from Decca LP, Queen of Country Music]

:: Posted on Sunday, December 18, 2005 ::

Playlist for 12/08/05
1. Eleni Mandell - "You're All Bad (and that's why you've been invited)" [from CD, Country for True Lovers on Trocadero]
2. Mark Brown - "Gravel Pit Girl" [from CD, Uncle Buckle; visit Mark Brown's website]
3. Red Rooster - "Carry Me" [from CD, Dose on Wondermore Records; visit the Red Rooster website]
4. Townes Van Zandt - "Don't Let the Sunshine Fool You" [from High, Low and In Between]
5. Jenks "Tex" Carman - "Wolf Creek" [from CD, Cow Punk on Bear Family]
6. Murphy Henry - "John Hardy" [from new CD on Rebel Records, Stelling Banjo Anthology]
7. The Singing Adams - "New Southgate Lovesong" [from CD, Trouble on The Track & Field Organization label; check out the website here]
8. The Broken Family Band - "Behind the Church" [from CD, The King will Build a Disco on The Track & Field Organization]

+++ More to come when I get a chance +++

:: Posted on Wednesday, December 14, 2005 ::