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Playlist for 10/20/05
1. Melba Montgomery - "He Called Me Baby" [from Capitol LP, The Big Wonderful Country World of Melba Montgomery]
2. Faron Young - "Busted" [from Mercury LP, Story Songs for Country Folks]
3. Wanda Jackson - "Wasted" [from Pickwick LP, Tears at the Grand Ole Opry]
4. Connie Smith - "I'll Be There" [from RCA Victor LP, Cute 'n' Country]
5. Kenny Roberts - "Maybe I'll Cry Over You" [from Starday LP, Indian Love Call]
6. Hank Williams - "Please Don't Let Me Love You" [from CD, Alone With His Guitar]
7. Jimmie Rodgers - "My Good Gal's Gone Blues" [from JSP Records CD box set]
8. Frankie Miller - "Black Land Farmer" [Starday 45]
9. Eddie Noack - "Don't Trade" [from ACE Records LP, Eddie Noack]
10. Skeets McDonald - "Look Who's Crying Now" [Capitol 45]
11. Jimmie Work - "Digging My Own Grave" [Dot 45]
12. Jimmie Newman - "Whatcha Gonna Do" [from Cattle Compact CD, Bopping Hillbillies on the Air]
13. Lattie Moore - "Don't Trade Your Old Love" [from WestSide Records, UK, CD I'm Not Broke But I'm Badly Bent]
14. Melba Montgomery - "Never Gonna Be the Same Old Me Without You" [from United Artists LP, The Mood I'm In]
15. Johnny McAdams - "Is There No Woman For My Love" [from Chief CD, Ultra-Rare Rockabilly]
16. Conway Twitty - "Crazy Arms" [from Pickwick LP, Shake It Up]
17. Werley Fairburn - "My Heart's On Fire" [from Louisiana Hayride Archive]
18. Conway Twitty - "Tell Me One More Time" [from MGM 45]
19. Huelyn Duvall - "Little Boy Blue" [from Sundazed LP, Is You Is or Is You Ain't]
20. Webb Pierce - "Love, Love, Love" [from Decca 45]

:: Posted on Monday, October 24, 2005 ::

Fund Drive Success!
A big heartfelt Radio Catskill Thank-You to you, our listeners, for making our Fall 2005 On-Air Fund Drive a great success! 365 of you helped us raise $25,640 -- a record amount for us! Thanks to all of you who support WJFF throughout the year!

:: Posted on Friday, October 21, 2005 ::

Playlist for 10/13/05
1. Daddy - "Glory Be" [from CD Daddy at the Women's Club on Cedar Creek Music; visit Daddy's website]
2. The Broken Family Band - "We Already Said Goodbye" [from CD on The Track & Field Organization, Welcome Home, Loser; visit the The Broken Family Band website]
3. Freakwater - "You've Never Been this Far Before" [from CD, Feels Like the Third Time on Thrill Jockey]
4. Bonnie Owens and Merle Haggard - "Slowly but Surely" [Tally 45rpm]
5. Bonnie Owens - "Beggin' to You" [from LP, Don't Take Advantage of Me]
6. Porter Hall, TN - "Drunkard and the AngeL" [from CD, Welcome to Porter Hall, TN on Slew Foot]
7. Laura Cantrell - "Wishful Thinkin'" [from CD, Humming by the Flowered Vine on Matador; visit]
The rest of the show is all Wanda Jackson. Check out
8. "What Am I Living For?" [from LP, Love Me Forever on Capitol]
9. "Have I Grown Used to Missing You" [from LP, Wanda Jackson Sings Country Songs on Capitol]
10. "If You Knew What I Know" [from Pickwick LP, Tears at the Grand Ole Opry]
11. "My Days are Darker Than Your Nights" [Capitol 45]
12. "You'd Be the First One to Know" [from Pickwick LP, Tears at the Grand Ole Opry]
13. "I Saw the Light" [from Word LP, Country Gospel]
14. "Look out Heart" [Capitol 45]
15. "My Heart Gets All the Breaks" [Capitol 45]
16. "Hot Dog! That Made Him Mad" [Capitol 45]
17. "Sticks & Stones" [from LP, Right or Wrong]
18. "It Happens Every Time" [from CD, Heart Trouble on CMH]

:: Posted on Friday, October 14, 2005 ::

Playlist for 10/6/05
1. Ernest Tubb & his Texas Troubadors - "I'll Be There" [from LP, By Request on Vocalion]
2. Arthur Smith & his Crackerjacks - "Boomerang" [MGM 78rpm]
3. Del Reeves - "Talkin' to the Wall" [from United Artists LP, Gettin' Any Feed For Yer Chickens]
4. Bob Newman - "Lonesome Sailor's Dream" [from King 78]
-----[All breaks from Kai Winding's Modern Country LP on Verve]
5. Gene Autry - "Atlanta Bound" [Perfect 78]
6. Coleman & Harper - "Old Hen Cackle" [Old Hat CD, Down in the Basement]
7. Gid Tanner & his Skillet Lickers - "Bully of the Town" [Columbia 78]
8. Jimmy Skinner - "Another Saturday Night" [Mercury 45rpm]
9. Gurney Thomas - "You Didn't Mean It" [De-Luxe 78]
10. Tibby Edwards - "Uninvited" [Mercury 45]
11. Ray Price - "Cold Shoulder" [Columbia 78]
12. uncredited - "One Woman Man" [Western Records 78rpm]
13. Jess Hooper - "All Messed Up" [from CD set, The Complete Meteor Rockabilly and Hillbilly Recordings on ACE Records]
14. Rusty Howard - "No Help Wanted" [Tops 78]
15. The Homesteaders (Johnny Paycheck and Country Johnny Mathis) - "If You Should Come Back Today" [from Little Darlin' 45]
16. Jerry Glenn (Kennedy) - "16 Chickens and a Tambourine" [RCA Victor 78rpm]
17. Skeets McDonald - "New Field to Plow" [Capitol 45]
18. Sue Thompson - "I'll Hate Myself in the Morning" [Mercury 78]
19. Goldie Hill (The Golden Hillbilly) - "I'm Beginning to Feel Mistreated" [Decca 45]

:: Posted on Wednesday, October 12, 2005 ::