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Playlist for 6/30/05
1. Hank Williams - "Crazy Heart" [from CD box set, Hillbilly Hero, on Proper UK]
2. The Carter Family - "If One Won't, Another Will" [Rounder CD, Give Me the Roses While I Live]
----- [In-studio guest, Mike Panchyshyn joins me for conversation about his former show on WJFF's airwaves, "Young Country" which aired in the early-1990's. Visit his website here:]
3. Rufus Thomas - "Today I Started Loving You Again" [from new CD on Segue Records, Just Because I'm Leavin' (Check it out!); song written by Merle Haggard and Bonnie Owens]
4. Joe Tex - "I Want To (Do Everything for You)" [from CD, Night Train to Nashville on CMF]
5. Ray Charles - "Here We Go Again" [from Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music]
6. Johnny Adams - "Reconsider Me" [from CD, Night Train to Nashville on CMF; great guitar playing by Jerry Kennedy]
7. Flying Eagel Gospel Singers - "Four and Twenty Elders" [this came from the premium CD offered by WFMU's fabulously good gospel program, Sinner's Crossroads;]
8. Joe Simon - "The Chokin' Kind" [from CD, Night Train to Nashville on CMF]
9. Jerry Lee Lewis - "You Went Out of Your Way" [from Smash LP, She Even Woke Me Up to Say Goodbye]
10. The Lonesome Sisters - "Forgiveness" [from CD, The Lonesome Sisters with Riley Baugus]
11. Lucinda Williams - "Rolling Along" [from CD, Happy Woman Blues on Smithsonian Folkways]
12. Graham Parker - "The Rest is History" [from Bloodshot CD, Your Country]

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Playlist for 6/23/05
1. Benny Thomasson - "Midnight on the Water" [County CD, Legendary Texas Fiddler]
2. Chris Hillman - "Missing You" [The Other Side, CD on Sovereign Artists]
-----[break by Jimmy Day - "Road Stop"]
3. Johnny Cash - "Cry, Cry, Cry" [Original Golden Hits, Vol. 1 on Sun, LP]
4. Johnny Cash - "Belshazzar" [from Original Sun Hits, LP on Sun]
5. Johnny Cash - "Honky Tonk Girl" [from LP, "Now There Was A Song!" LP on Columbia]
6. Johnny Cash - "Train of Love" [from Original Golden Hits, Vol. 1 on Sun, LP]
7. Los Hooligans - "Bat-Masterson" [from Orfeon 45 rpm record; "New York is the biggest boobtown in the world. They'll buy any Goddamned thing here." --Bat Masterson; You may want to check out this article on Mexican garage rock with the fetching title, "Passage to Unevenness: Rock of the sixty in Mexico"]
8. Del Reeves - "This Must Be the Bottom" [from LP, Doodle-Ooo-Doo-Do on United Artists]
9. Johnny McAdams - "No Woman for My Love" [Chief, Ultra Rare Rockabilly]
10. Melba Montgomery - "Big Big Heartache" [from The Mood I'm In, LP on United Artists]
11. Bonnie Owens - "Pins & Needles" [from Don't Take Advantage of Me, LP]
12. Loretta Lynn - "The Girl that I Am Now" [from LP, Sings, on Decca]
13. Rose Lee Maphis - "Nobody Answered" [from LP on Columbia, Rose Lee Maphis]
14. Hank Williams - "Long Gone Lonesome Blues" [from Live at the Grand Ole Opry, LP]
15. Hank Williams - "Cold Cold Heart" [from Live at the Grand Ole Opry, LP]
16. Roy Acuff - "Once More" [from Hall of Fame on Hickory, LP]
17. Charlie Walker - "I Go Anywhere" [from LP, Greatest Hits on Columbia]
18. Buck Owens - "Crying Time"

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Playlist for 06/09/05
1. Charlie Poole and the North Carolina Ramblers - "Milwaukee Blues" [from CD box set, You Ain't Talkin' to Me on Sony/Legacy; check out]
2. Dilly & his Dill Pickles - "Bust Down Stomp" [from CD, Times Ain't What They Used to Be, Vol. 7 on Yazoo Records]
3. Joe & Rose Lee Maphis - "Cold Heart of Steele" [Okeh 45rpm]
4. Johnnie Lee Wills & Boys - "Your Love for Me is Losing Light" [Sims 45rpm]
----- [Lloyd Green - "Motel Time Again" [from CD, The Little Darlin' Sound Of...]
5. Tammy Wynette - "???"
6. Bonnie Owens - "Don't Take Advantage of Me" [from LP of the same name on Capitol]
7. Bonnie Owens & Merle Haggard - "Just Between the Two of Us" [Tally 45]
8. Ray Price - "You Done Me Wrong" [from CD, Greatest Hits on Columbia]
9. Jim Lauderdale - "I Want You To Know" [from CD, Touch My Heart on Sugar Hill?]
10. Jimmie Dale Gilmour - "Honky Tonk Song" [Hightone 45]
11. Lefty Frizzell - "Travelin' Blues" [Columbia 45]
12. Roy Acuff - "Branded Wherever I Go" [from British Archive of Folk Music Sampler Vol. 76-100; available from Frontier Music--see sidebar for info]
13. Ernest Tubb - "I'll Miss You When You Go" [from double-LP "The Ernest Tubb Story" on Decca]
14. Bobby Helms - "Fraulein"
15. The Davis Sisters - "Sorrow and Pain" [from Tannen CD, Bluegrass and Country Classics]

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Playlist for 5/26/05
"The Highest in Fi"
Details on many of the 45s played today can be found on the Rockin' Country Style website.
1. Lightcrust Doughboys - "Guitar Jump" [British Archive of Country Music, Sampler 76-100 on CD; available from Frontier Music--see sidebar]
2. Goldie Hill - "Almost Enough" [Epic 45]
3. Skeets McDonald - "I Got A New Field to Plow" [Capitol 45]
4. Leona Williams - "Broadminded" [Hickory 45]
5. Arthur Smith & his Crackerjacks - "???"
6. Molly Bee - "You Win Again" [MGM 45]
7. Billie & Mark - "Just So You Love Me" [Demon 45; click here for a picture of the fine looking Demon label]
8. Gee Summers - "Alabama Shake" [Capri 45; from the man who brought us "Straight Skirt"]
9. Huelyn Duvall - "Comin' or Goin'" [from a Sundazed LP, Is You Is or Is You Ain't]
10. Conway Twitty - "Hurt In My Heart" [MGM 45]
11. Conway Twitty - "Crazy Heart" [Pickwick LP, Shake It Up]
12. Kenny Roberts - "Broken Teen-Age Heart" [Decca 45]
13. Charlie Rich - "Big Boss Man" [Groove LP]
14. Billy Brown - "Lost Weekend" [Republic 45]
15. Ray Smith - "Rockin' Little Angel" [Judd 45]
16. Five Singing Stars - "Grandma's House" [from WFMU Sinner's Crossroads premium, 2005 Marathon]
17. Bill McMillian - "Sweet Lucey" [Blaze 45]
18. Roy Robbin & the Availables - "So Close to Losing You" [Action 45]
19. Wanda Jackson - "The Last Letter" [from Capitol LP Right or Wrong]
20. George Jones & Melba Montgomery - "House of Gold" [United Artists 45]
21. Shaw Singers - "Trying To Do Thy Will" [WFMU Sinner's Crossroads premium]

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