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Playlist for 1/27/05
1. Eddie Pennington - "Information, Please" [from Walks the Strings and Even Sings, CD on Smithsonian Folkways]
2. Milton Mapes - "Radio Towers" [from CD, The State Line on Aspyr]
3. Freakwater - "One Big Union" [from CD, Springtime on Thrill Jockey]
4. Son Volt - "Tear Stained Letter" [from CD, Trace, on Warner Brothers]
5. Neko Case - "If I'm Gonna Sink, I Might As Well Go To The Bottom" [from Touch My Heart: A Tribute to Johnny Paycheck on Sugar Hill]
6. Jimmy Work - "Making Believe" [Dot 78rpm]
7. Jimmy Work - "Digging My Own Grave" [Dot 45rpm]
8. Connie Hall - "After Date Rendezvous" [Mercury 45]
9. Gene O'Quinn - "No Use Talkin' Baby [Capitol 45]
10. Sam & Kay Neal - "I'm Disowned" [Blake Records 45]
11. Alvino Rey - "The Original Mama Blues" [Dot 45; Alvino Rey pioneered the pedal steel guitar and invented the singing guitar effect; You can check out a recent interview with Alvino Rey's grandson who's got a band called The Arcade Fire by clicking here. The interview includes some good info on Rey and his singing guitar (which involved some kind of pickup on a person's throat). Check it out.]
12. Ruby Wright - "Billy Broke My Heart at Walgreens (I Cried all the Way to Sears)" [Recording Industries Corp. 45rpm; guess that's Pete Drake playing the talking guitar on this one; from 1965]
13. Velva Darnell - "Not Me" [Dot 45]
14. Jimmie Bowen - "Warm Up To Me Baby" [from Roulette 45rpm 4-song ep; 1957]
15. Bobby Comstock - "Tennessee Waltz" [from Blaze 45; 1959]
16. Charlie Rich - "Everything I Do Is Wrong" [from Phillips 45; 1960]
17. Skeeter Davis - "Just When I Needed You" [from LP, I'll Sing You A Song & Harmonize Too on RCA Victor]
18. Melba Montgomery - "I Can't Change Overnight" [from The Mood I'm In LP on United Artists]

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Playlist for 1/20/05
Yodel Show
1. The Fugs - "Yodeling Yippie"
2. Elton Britt - "St. Louis Blues" [from RCA Victor LP, Yodel Songs]
3. The Callahan Brothers - "She's My Curly Headed Baby" [from Smithsonian LP box set]
4. Delmore Brothers - "Lonesome Yodel Blues" [from JSP CD box set, Classic Cuts]
5. Jimmie Rodgers - "Memphis Yodel" [from JSP CD box set, Classic Cuts]
6. Gene Autry - "A Yodeling Hobo" [from Col./Legacy CD, Blues Singer; 1930]
7. Grandpa Jones - "Tritzem Yodel"
8. Rosalie Allen - "Yodel Boogie" [from Cattle Compact CD, The Hillbilly Yodel Star of the 1940s]
9. Wilf Carter (Montana Slim) - "The Yodelin' Song"
10. Bob Wills & his Texas Playboys - "Never No More Blues" [from Old Timey LP, Western Swing; 1935]
11. The Carter Family - "The Foggy Mountain Top" [from JSP CD box set, 1927-1934]
12. Mill Monroe and his Bluegrass Boys - "Goodbye Old Pal" [from JSP CD box set, All the Classics]
13. Slim Whitman - "The Yodeler"
14. Patsy Montana - "If I Could Only Learn To Yodel"
15. Wanda Jackson - "I Betcha My Heart I Love Ya"
16. The Legendary Shack Shakers - "Dump Road Yodel" [from Dump Road EP]
17. Bonnie Owens - "I Want to be a Cowboy's Sweetheart" [from Capitol LP, Don't Take Advantage of Me]
18. Kenny Roberts - "If I'm Blue" [from Starday LP, Indian Love Call]
19. Kenny Roberts - "She Taught Me How To Yodel" [from Starday LP, Indian Love Call]

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Playlist for 1/13/05
Annual Hank Williams tribute show.
1. Hank Williams - "Lovesick Blues" [from the Proper box set of CDs, Hank Williams: Hillbilly Hero]
2. Patsy Cline - "Your Cheating Heart" [from MCA LP, Sentimentally Yours]
3. Hank Williams - "Settin' the Woods on Fire" [from MGM double-LP, 24 Greatest Hits]
4. Hank Williams - "Never Again" [from Proper box set]
5. Hank Williams - "Moanin' the Blues" [MGM LP, Live at the Grand Ole Opry]
6. Hank Williams - "My Heart Would Know" [form Proper box set]
7. Hank Williams - "Wealth Won't Save Your Soul" [from Proper box set]
8. Lucinda Williams - "Jambalaya (on the Bayou)" [from Smithsonian Folkways CD, Ramblin'; rec. 1978]
From the Mother's Best Flour Show:
9. " Where the Old Red River Flows"
10. "Moonlight Waters"
The following four tunes are demo-type recordings--just Hank and his guitar. Brilliant.
11. Hank Williams - "Please Don't Let Me Love You" [from Mercury CD, Hank Williams: Alone With His Guitar]
12. Hank Williams - "I'm Goin' Home" [from the Proper box]
13. Hank Williams - "Weary Blues From Waitin'" [from Alone With His Guitar]
14. Hank Williams - "Singing Waterfall" [from the Proper box]
15. Loretta Lynn - "Mind Your Own Business" [from Louisiana Hayride Archive]
16. Neko Case - "Alone & Forsaken" [from CD, Canadian Amp on Bloodshot]

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Playlist for 1/6/05
No show today--preempted for coverage of the Alberto Gonzales confirmation hearing. Next week we'll do our Hank Williams tribute with lots of great music and some rare airchecks from the Mother's Best Flour Show.

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