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Playlist for 9/23/04
1. Porter Hall, TN - "Drunkard and the Angel" [from Welcome To... CD on Slewfoot]
2. Johnny Paycheck - "If I'm Gonna Sink (I Might As Well Go To The Bottom)" [Little Darlin' 45rpm]
3. Loretta Lynn - "High On a Montaintop" [from Van Lear Rose on Interscope]
4. Jimmie Dale Gilmour - "Number 16" [from After Awhile CD on Elektra/Nonesuch]
5. Wanda Jackson - "What Gives You the Right...? [from Heart Trouble CD on CMH]
::Remembering Skeeter Davis in this set, d. 9/19/04::
6. Davis Sisters - "Sorrow and Pain" [from Bluegrass and Country Classics on Tannen]
7. Skeeter Davis - "The Devil's Doll" [from RCA 45rpm]
8. Skeeter Davis - "(I Can't Help You) I'm Falling Too" [from RCA 45]
9. Skeeter Davis - "Where I Ought To Be" [from RCA 45]
10. Skeeter Davis - "I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You) [RCA 45]
::Celebrating the birthday of Country Johnny Mathis from here to the end of the show::
11. Country Johnny Mathis - "I Owe It To My Heart"
12. Jimmy (Lee) and Johnny (Mathis) - "If You Don't Want To"
13. Country Johnny Mathis - "One Life" [from Stars of the Louisiana Hayride on Guest Star, LP]
14. Country Johnny Mathis - "Honeycomb" [from archival Louisiana Hayride recordings]
15. Melba Montgomery - "I'll Always Keep on Loving You" (written by J. Mathis)
16. Johnny Paycheck - "If You Should Come Back" (also written by J. Mathis)
17. Jim Lauderdale - "I Want You To Know" (also written by J. Mathis; from CD, Touch My Heart: A Tribute to Johnny Paycheck on Sugar Hill]

:: Posted on Thursday, September 23, 2004 ::

Playlist for 9/16/04
1. Hank Williams (b. 9/17/1923) - "Howlin' At The Moon" [from Proper box, Hillbilly Hero]
2. Hank Williams - "Won't You Sometimes Think of Me" (demo, 1946)[from Proper box set]
3. Hank Williams - "They'll Never Take Her Love From Me" [Proper box]
4. Hank Williams - "Panamerican"
5. Roy Acuff & his Smoky Mountain Boys - RC Cola radio program intro [from CD, The RC Cola Shows, Vol. 4 on RME Music Inc.]
6. Roy Acuff (b. 9/15/1903) - "Freight Train Blues"[from same CD]
7. Roy Acuff - "Wabash Cannonball" [from a Smithsonian LP box set]
8. Brook Benton (b. 9/19/1931) - "Hotel Happiness" [from a Mercury 45 produced by Shelby Singleton with Jerry Kennedy's guitar]
9. Brook Benton - "I Got What I Wanted" [from Greatest Hits CD on Evergreen; song co-written with Margie Singleton]
[Remainder of the show dedicated to Gram Parsons who died on 9/19/1973]
10. International Submarine Band - "Blue Eyes"
11. Flying Burrito Bros. - "Juanita"
12. Gram Parsons - "That's All It Took"
13. Flying Burritos - "Dim Lights"
14. Gram Parsons - "Streets of Baltimore"
15. The Byrds - "One Hundred Years from this Day"
16. Gram Parsons - "Return of the Grievous Angel"
17. Flying Burritos - "Close Up The Honkytonks"

:: Posted on Thursday, September 16, 2004 ::

Setlist for 9/9/04
1. Grandpa Jones - "It's Rainin' Here this Morning" [1946, from CD, King Hillbilly Bob and Boogie]
2. Hank Williams - "My Sweet Love Ain't Around" [from the box set Hillbilly Hero on Proper]
3. Jeff Durham & his Rhythm Playboys - "Tennessee Boogie" [from box set, Hillbilly Boogie on Proper]
4. Porky Freeman - ???? [from CD, Hillbilly Boogie Boy on Cattle Compact from Germany]
----- [break by Danny Davis and the Nashville Brass]
5. Jean Shepherd - "Under Your Spell Again" [from LP, Under Your Spell Again on Hilltop]
6. Luke Gordon - "Changing Company" [Spin-O-rama LP, Country Roundup with Jimmy Dean (with Luke Gordon)]
7. Cousin Deems Sanders and his Goatherders - "Goatburger Boogie" [from Proper Box CD, Hillbilly Boogie]
8. Wade Holmes - "You Can't Hide from Yourself" [from LP, Golden Country Hits sung by Marvin Rainwater (with Wade Holmes)]
9. Melba Mongomery - "From These Arms of Mine" [from LP on Unart, The Mood I'm In]
10. Wynn Stewart - "Wishful Thinking" [from LP, Country Chartbusters on Design Records}
----- [break by Merle Travis and Joe Maphis from Country Guitar Giants on CMH]
11. Jimmie Dale Gilmour - "Ripple" [from CD, One Endless Night on Rounder]
12. Graham Parker - "Sugaree" [from Your Country on Bloodshot, CD]
13. Gillian Welch and David Rawlings with David Grisman, Tony Rice and Nick Forster - "Train 45" [from E-Town's Bluegrass Roots CD]
14. Old Crow Medicine Show - "Wagon Wheel" [from OCMS on Nettwerk, CD]
15. Neko Case - "Bowling Green" [from The Virginian, CD]
16. Eleni Mandell - "Tell Me Twice" [from Country For True Lovers on Trocadero, CD}
17. Danny Davis and the Nashville Brass - "Orange Blossom Special" [from LP, Orange Blossom Special]

:: Posted on Thursday, September 09, 2004 ::

Falling Behind
Hope to have playlists up from 9/2/04 and 8/25/04(?) soon. Check back later if you're still innurrested.

:: Posted on Thursday, September 02, 2004 ::