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Playlist for 7/22/04
Check out this story about how Linda Ronstadt was kicked out of a Vegas casino for dedicating a song to Michael Moore.
1. Linda Ronstadt - I'll Be Your Baby Tonight (from "Hand Sown" LP on Capitol)
2. ditto - Silver Threads and Golden Needles (from Greatest Hits CD on Asylum)
3. ditto - We Need a Whole Lot More of Jesus and a Lot Less Rock and Roll (from "Hand Sown" LP on Capitol)
4. ditto w/ Emmylou Harris - I Can't Help It If I'm Still In Love With You (from Retrospective LP set on Capitol)
---- [Floyd Cramer on all the breaks this time]
Big Wonderful Country Set of Melba Montgomery. Click here for a discography of Melba Montgomery's recordings on the Slipcue website: "One of the most awesome female hardcore honkytonkers ever."
5. Melba Montgomery - The Key is in the Mailbox
6. ditto - Big, Big Heartache (from The Mood I'm In LP on United Artists aka Unart, c. 1967)
7. ditto - He Called Me Baby (from The Big Wonderful Country World of.... LP, c. 1969-70 on Capitol)
8. ditto - I'm Never Gonna Be The Same (from The Mood I'm In LP on United Artists)
9. ditto w/ George Jones - Suppose Tonight Would Be Our Last
10. ditto - Point of No Concern (from Big Wonderful Country World of... LP)
11. ditto - The Mood I'm In (from the LP with the same name)
12. ditto w/ John Prine - Milwaukee, Here I Come (from John Prine's CD, In Spite of Ourselves on Oh Boy!)
13. Jess Hooper and the Daydreamers - All Messed Up (from The Complete Meteor Hillbilly and Rockabilly Recordings CD on Ace, UK)
14. uncredited artist - One Woman Man (from a Western label 78rpm record)
15. Red Hadley's Wranglers - Ring Out Those Bells (from the Meteor collection on Ace)
16. Skeeter Davis - Am I That Easy to Forget
17. Conway Twitty as Leroy Jenkins - Why Can't I Get Through to You? (PickWick LP, Shake It Up)
18. The Davis Sisters - I Forgot More than You'll Ever Know
19. Nan Castle - Star Light, Star Bright (from That'll Flat Git It!, Vol. 1 on Bear Family CD)

:: Posted on Thursday, July 22, 2004 ::

Playlist for 7/15/04
Apologies to those who may have tried to listen to the show via our webstream if you were unable to connect or found yourself losing your connection--some kind of trouble between here and the hosting service. We are still working on sorting it out. Here's what you missed:

1. Neko Case - Tacoma (from the Bloodshot CD, Furnace Room Lullaby; as the Bloodshot Records website puts it: "[Neko Case] possesses a voice that'd make a nun give up God, a bear give up honey, and, hopefully, make Shania give up singing.")
2. Porter Hall, TN - Angel Without Wings (from Welcome to Porter Hall, TN)
Old-time, string bands, country blues, fiddles and banjos:
3. Fiddlin' Arthur Smith (w/ the Delmore Bros.) - Dickson County Blues (rec. 2/17/36; from Fiddlin' Arthur Smith & His Dixieliners CD on County)
4. Roane City Ramblers - Hometown Blues (rec. 10/15/28; from the CD, Roane County Ramblers: Complete Recordings 1928-1929 also on the great County label)
5. Stripling Brothers - Wolves Howling (from Times Aint What They Used to Be, Vol. 4 on Yazoo Records)
6. Frank Hutchison - Cannonball Blues (from the CD, Old-Time Mountain Blues on--once again--County Records)
7. Charley Jordan - Keep It Clean (from the Old Hat Records CD, Down In The Basement; check out the Old Hat website for complete liner notes and sound samples from all their great releases)
8. Pink Anderson and Simmie Dooley - Every Day of the Week Blues (from Times Aint What They Used to Be, Vol. 4 on Yazoo Records)
9. Grayson and Whitter - Handsome Molly (from Music from the Lost Provinces on Old Hat)
10. J.M. Howell's Carolina Hillbillies - Girl that Worries My Mind (from a 1930's Bluebird 78rpm record)
11. Grinnell Giggers - Plowboy Hop (from the Old Hat Records CD, Down In The Basement)
12. Wade Mainer - John Henry (from a King label 78rpm record)
Last set was all music from the lineup of the upcoming Grassroots Festival of Music and Dance (July 22-25). I'll be playing more next week.
13. Jim Miller and Buffalo Country - I'm Over You (from the Funkyside CD, Herd I'm Drinking)
14. Jim Lauderdale - Head for the Sun (from the new CD, Head for the Hills; check out Jim Lauderdale's website)
15. Lonesome Sisters - Could You Love Me OneMore Time (Lonesome Sisters website here)
16. Cletus and the Burners - When I'm Gone (website here)

:: Posted on Friday, July 16, 2004 ::

Playlist for 7/8/04
Well, let's try this a third time... We've had some ftp troubles around here--honestly, I had this playlist typed up within hours of the show.

A long set of short instrumentals:
1. Jimmy Day - Road Stop (Hollywood CD)
2. Spade Cooley - Oklahoma Stomp (Soundies CD)
3. Hank Penny - Progressive Country Music for a Hollywood Flapper (Soundies CD)
4. Bob Wills - Lone Star Rag (MCA cd, from Best of Bob Wills--20th Century Masters Millenium Collection or something along those lines)
5. Roy Lanham and the Whipporwills - Picnic for Strings (SoundiesCD)
6. Jimmy Day - Rancher's Stomp (Hollywood CD)
7. Spade Cooley - I Found A New Baby (Soundies CD)
8. Merle Travis and Joe Maphis - Columbus Stockade Blues (CMH cd, Country Guitar Giants)
9. ditto - Guitar Rag (from an LP, hmmm...can't remember the label)
10. Loretta Lynn - She's Got You
11. Melba Montgomery - Loving You (Was All I Ever Needed) (Elektra LP, No Charge)
12. George Jones - It Scares Me Half To Death (United Artists LP, The Race is On)
13. Tammy Wynette - Ways To Love a Man
14. Dolly Parton - The Company You Keep
15. Freakwater - My One Desire (Thrill Jockey cd, Old Paint)
16. Graham Parker w/ Lucinda Williams - Cruel Lips (from Your Country on Bloodshot)
17. Lucinda Williams - Price to Pay (from the Koch CD, Lucinda Williams)
18. Todd Snider - Tillamook County Jail (form Eash Nashville Skyline on Oh Boy!)
19. Jim Lauderdale - Pretty Close to the Truth (from Pretty Close to the Truth on Atlantic; Jim Lauderdale will be performing at the upcoming Grassroots Festival in Trumansburg, NY--check it out.)

:: Posted on Wednesday, July 14, 2004 ::

Just testing our ftper

:: Posted on Thursday, July 08, 2004 ::

1. Loretta Lynn - Trouble on the Line (from the new Van Lear Rose cd on Interscope; also check out Loretta Lynn's webpage)
2. Porter Hall, TN - Drunkard and the Angel (Slewfoot CD; check out the Porter Hall, TN website)
3. Todd Snider - Conservative Christian, Right-wing Republican, Straight White American Male (from his fourth cd, East Nashville Skyline--due out in stores on July 20th; on John Prine's Oh Boy! label)
4. Speedtwinn - Spaceball Ricochet (lots of free downloads on the Speedtwinn website; this one comes from the cd, California, on Orange Recordings)
5. Margie Bowes - Little Miss Belong to No One (from the Mercury LP, Galaxy of Country and Western Golden Hits)
6. Brook Benton - Hotel Happiness (Mercury 45 rpm)
7. Jerry Lee Lewis - You Win Again
8. Margie Singleton - Nothing But True Love (Guest Star LP)
9. Ralph Mooney (steel guitar) with Johnny and Jonie Mosby - I'll Leave the Front Door (Hollywood CD, Stars of the Steel Guitar)
10. Buddy Bain, Kay Wayne, Merle (Red) Taylor w/ The Hayriders - Can We Live It Down (on ACE Records, Complete Meteor Hillbilly and Rockabilly Recordings or something along those lines)
11. Lattie Moore - Too Hot To Handle (WestSide UK cd)
12. Tibby Edwards - Long Time Gone (Guest Star LP)
Hackberry Ramblers - Visit the Ramblers' website here.
13. Theme Song (from Cajun Boogie CD on Hot Biscuits)
14. Just Once More (from Early Recordings, 1935-1950 CD on Arhoolie)
15. Crowley Waltz - (from Ahoolie's 40th anniversary collection box set)
16. Grand Texas (from Cajun Boogie)
17. Poor Hobo (from Deep Water on Hot Biscuits)
18. You Will Cry (from Early Recordings on Arhoolie)

:: Posted on Thursday, July 01, 2004 ::