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May 31 2008 Ballads and Banjos

Ballads and Banjos, Ma 30, 2008

Sonja Hedlund – host:

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Lynn Patrick/When She Dreams

When She Dreams

Sharon Shannon/Butterflies
Out the Gap
Dough McArthur/Trembling Bird/Heaven Only Knows/ Letter to Marie/Boots and Ballads
Thunder into Heaven
Upsala/Field of Wildflowers/Atlantic Coastline Railroad Man
 A String Band
Smithfield Fair/Swept Away/Annie Laurie
…Swept away
Carmina/Blessed are the Broken/Hungry Hill
My Crescent City
Townes Van Zandt/Pancho and Lefty
Texas Outlaws
Townes Van Zandt/Talking Thunderbird Blues
Brewed in Texas, Vol. 2
7 am
Willie Nelson/Write Your Own Songs/Pancho and Lefty with Merle Haggard
 One Hell of a Ride
Ferron/Ain't Life a Brook
Still Riot
Jay Unger and Moll Mason/The Mountain House
The Catskills Collection
The Wilders/When the Levies Gone/Hawk's Got a Chicken and Flew in the Woods
Throw Down
Old Man Luedecke//Thrown By the Bull
Proof of Love
Michael Johnathon/Walden: The Ballad of Thoreau/In the Woods/Sunrise

Walden- the Earth Song Collection


Rob MacDonald/Song of my Brothers

White Buffalo


Pat Wynne/Singing is Believing

Singing is Believing

Sonja Hedlund
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