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08 11 07 Ballads and Banjos Play list

Ballads and Banjos August 11, 2007

WJFF Radio 90.5 fm/Sonja Hedlund

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"This will be our reply to violence: to make music more             

intensely, more beautifully, more devotedly than before."

                                                Leonard Bernstein

Artist/Song Title



Alan Miceli/Errington Way



Bob McParland/The Same Folksinger/North Country Dream

The Same Folksinger/self


Randy Barrett, Andrew McKnight, Keith Pitzer/1845

Making Music Matter/Falling Mountain Music


Debra Cowan with Geogg Bartley/Darlin' Cory

Making Music Matter/Falling Mountain Music


Keith and Joan Pitzer/The Silver Dagger

Making Music Matter/Falling Mountain Music


Linda Hickman with Tabby Finch/Punta Allen/KuHa

Making Music Matter/Falling Mountain Music


Bill Morrissey/Johnny's Tune/Thirty Years

Come Running/Turn and Spin Media


Randall Williams and Claudia SanSoucie/War Stories

First Takes/Kattendip Music


Greg Latta/Thee Jug of Punch

Headed for Home/self


Joe Jencks/Song of the Rails/Room Here For Another

Rise As One/Turtle Bear Music


Lennie Gallant/Seven Years

When We Get There/Revenant Records Canada

7 a.m. Ballads and Banjos 08 11 07


Vedran Smailovic and Tommy Sands/Where Have all the Flowers Gone/Waltz/The Music of Healing with Pete Seeger

Sarajevo –Belfast/Appleseed Records


Anne Hills/Ef You Don't Watch Out (songs of the poems of James Whitcomb Riley)

A Voice from the Farm/When the Frost is on the Punkin/The Little Coat/There was a Cherry Tree/Collective Works Media


7:30 a.m.


Woodie Guthrie/Grand Coulee Dam

Folkways – the original vision: Songs of Woodie Guthrie and Lead Belly/ Smithsonian Folkways Recordings


Arlo Guthrie/Ring Around a Rosie Rag

40th Anniversary of the Philadelphia Folk Festival/Sliced Bread Records


Arlo Guthrie/Last Train/St. James Infirmary/If You Would Just Drop By

Sonja Hedlund

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