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10/21/06 Ballads and Banjos Play list

Ed McMeen/Turf Lodge

Breakout/Piney Ridge Music
Elizabeth Cotton/Wilson Rag
La Guitara – A Collection of Women Guitarists/Vanguard
Solas/The Primrose Lass/Molly from Longford/The Four Kisses
Sunny Spells and Scattered ShowersShanachie
Songs of the Oregon Trail/Mudpuddle Music
Jeffery Foucault/City Flower
Ghost Repeater/Signature Sounds Recording Company
Atwater Donnelly/Single Girl, Married Girl
The Blackest Crow/self
Robin and Linda Williams/ October Light/Saving Me A Place
Deeper Waters/red House Records
Si Kahn/Wings of Gold
Gtrerads/2002 double time music
Tim Radford/Cupid’s Garden
Home From Home/Fallen Angle Music
Annie Baauerlein/remember When We Were Just Friends/Mugsy Is Fine
Mugsy is Fine/Notebook Records
The Jones Family/Tom Deadlight/Uniwuiet Grave
Unquiet Grave/Shambling Gate Records
 Robin Flower – Libby McLaren/The Wolf Song
A Kiss from the Angel of Change/LibbyMac Music
7 a.m.
The Tony Rice Unit/Beaumont Rag/Manzanita
Unit of Measure/Rounder Records

David Davis and the Warrior River Boys/Muddy Water
Troubled Times/Rebel Records
Garnet Rogers/ Summer Lightening/Small Victory
All that Is- the Songs of Garnet Rogers/Rounder Records
Woody Guthrie’s American Song/Hard Travbelin’/So Long It’s Been Good to Know You/ Oklahoma Hills/Dust Storm Disaster/I Ain’t Got No Home/So Long/Bound for Glory
Bela Fleck and The Fleckltones/The Whistle Tune/columbai Records

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playlist 10/14/06 Ballads and Banjos
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Saturday, October 71 2006
Ballads and Banjos 6 – 8 a.m.

Host: Sonja Hedlund



Will Ackerman/incondizionatamente

Summer Solstice – A wondham Hill collection

Cindy Kallet/ and Friends/Snipe II’s Fancey/Skunk Don’t Care
This way Home/Stone’s Throw Music
Annie Moscow/To the Himalayas
Wolves at the Door/Melonball records
Carrie Newcomber/Sparrow/ Three women/Amelia Almost
Bare to the Bone/Philo
Sara Softich/Songbird
Pipe Dreams/self
Tom, Betty and Nathan Druckemiler/ Farther Along
Harvest time/Little Fcet Records
Vocolot/Guide Me./HeartBeat/Full Circle
Heart Beat/Oyster Albums
Fiddlin’ Around/Maple Sugar/Wilson’s Clog?Fisher’s Hornpipe/Maiden’s Prahyer/Faded Love/Soldier’s Joy/Arkansas Traveler/Angelina Baker
Elizabeth Creek/self
James Gordon with Sandy Horne/It’s Not Summer Any more/Rapunzel
One Timeless Moment/Borealis Recoding Company
James Bernz/James Durst/Martha Sandefer/Mark Murphy/Kisses Sweeter than Wine/Darling Corey
Anonymous 4/Mercy Seat/Greren Pastures
Gloryland/Hanmonia Mundi

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