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August 26, 2006 Ballads and Banjos - play list

:: Posted on Wednesday, August 23, 2006 ::

august 19, 2006 Ballads and Banjos, play list
Ballads and Banjos, August 19, 2006
Sonja Hedlund
‘the best public radio by a dam site!’
WJFF Radio 90.5 fm and streaming on line at
WJFF Radio Catskill, P.O. Box 546, Jeffersonville, NY 12748
Artist/title 845 482 4141
The Toney Rice Unit/Manzanita(lst variation), House of the Rising Sun
Unit of Measure/Rounder
Eric Lewis and Friends/This Town, I Will Rise
Live in Fish Creek/Betsy Records
Julia Lane/The Ash Grove, Winds of Change
Harvest/Castlebay Music
Kim Wallach/In the Back Seat with Me
Where Doers Love Come From?/Black Socks Press
Grit Laskin/Sewing Machines
Unabashedly Folk/Borealis Recording Company
Greg Trafildlo/The Starbucks of County Down
Folk Singular/ Oasis Acoustic Vol. VI |No.4
Margaret MacArthur/Sailor and His Bride

Them Stars/Oasis Acoustic Vol. 6 No. 4

Ollabelle/Northern Star, Riverside
Riverside Battle Songs/Verve
The Accidentals/Winter in Manhattan
Winter in Manhattan/Appleseed Records
Carolyn Cruso/New Joe Clark
Boundless/ Oasis Acoustic Vol. VI |No.4
Gail Wade/Try It On for Size
Journey/ Oasis Acoustic Vol. VI |No.4
7 a.m.
John Williamson
         Home Among the Gun Trees
         The Land of the Truly Free
         My Oath to Australia
         Diamantina Drover

Raining on the Rock

Anthems-A Celebration of Australia/
Peggy Watson/Beauitful Things
Sampler/Julien Music
Eva Cassidy/It Doesn’t Matter Any More/Imagine
Imagine/Blix Street Records
Linda Ronstadt and Ann Savoy/Go Away from my Window/Burn’s Supper
Adieu False Heart/Vanguard records
Wanda Lu Greene/Pray for Rain
Mechanicsville/Fried Okra Music
Anonymous 4/An Address for All/Like Noah’s Way /Weary Dove
August 12, 2006 Ballads and Banjos, Play list
Ballads and Banjos, august 12, 2006
Sonja Hedlund
‘the best public radio by a dam site!’
WJFF Radio 90.5 fm and streaming on line at
WJFF Radio Catskill, P.O. Box 546, Jeffersonville, NY 12748
For the two weeks following the broadcast, you can listen to the show at the archives tab of the station’s web page
Artist/title 845 482 4141
Summeer Solstice Windham Hill Collection
            Keola Beamer/Kalena Kai
            John Boswell/Reunion
            Philip Aaberg and Scott Methews/The                Warmth of the Sun/Surfer Girl
Linda Finkle/Beauitful Day
Piece of Me/self

The Prices of Serendip/Monkey on Your Shoulder

The Prices of Serendip
Alli Lubin/Children of the Mountains
Children of the Mountains
John Rossbach/Black Diamond
This is Where I Came In
The Biscuit Burners/Rdigeway Backroads
Fresh Faces The Merle Gest 2006/
Rory Block/Cry Out Loud
Fresh Faces the Merle Fest 2006
Bruce Holmes/Angels
                        Plague Ship
               Intelligence Test
Life’s An Intelligence Test/self
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band/Mr. Bojangles
Songs at the Lake Music Festival 
Roseanne Cash with Johnny Cash/September When it Comes
Songs at the Lake Music Festival
Ray Stephenson/Disappearing South
Songs at the Lake Music Festival
Dev Singh/Still We Come
                        Porky’s Pub and the House of Prayer
Matt And Shannon Heaton/
       The Shady Spot
Donal Hinely/The Ballad of 3 Goergoes
Scuffletown Records
Nick Masullo/Support our Troops
Sandy Cash/The Children’s Brigade
A Thing So Real/Self
Janet Bates/A Day is Coming
Woody Guthrie and Lead Belly/This Land is Your Land and Pastures of Plenty
Songs of Woodie Guthrie and Lead Belly-Folkways The Original Vision