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April 15, 2006 play list
Ballads and Banjos, April 15, 2006
Sonja Hedlund
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Michael McGolderick/The desert road

Paul  McCandless/the ater is wide
Windman Hill America/RCA/Victor
Barbara Higbie/Angelina Baker
Windham Hill America/RCA Victor
William Pint and Felicia Dale/Sing Ho to the greenwood/She moved through the faire
Hartwell Horn/Waterbug
Thomas Fernie/Skyboat song/Ye banks and braes
Songs my mother sang
(50% of proceeds go towards educational funding for the victims of Hurricane Katrina)
Tam Lin and the Jolly beggars/ The ran tin dog/Big belly’d bottle/Tam Lin
Songs of Robert Burns/
Laura Cortese/The boat song
Even the last creek/Self
Jennifer Kimball/The wheel
Oh hear us/Epoisse
Joyce Andersen/ Lonely RidersTrusting spring
Love and Thirst/Self

Doug Spears/Banks of the Old Saint John’s/Thrift Shop

Truth and Lies/Acoustic Music Productions
Ashleigh Flynn/Then man who fell in love with the moon/Devil’s Pass
Sneakin’ out with Ashleigh Flynn/Home Pern Records
Lizzie West and the White Buffalo/Rope me in and smoke me/19 miles to Bagdad
I Pledge Allegiance to Myself/Appleseed Recordings
Anne Feeney/Which side are you on
Union Maid/Image Audio
‘Oh! It’s A Lovely War’ – Songs and Sketches of the Great War 1914 – 18
            On the march :

It’s  a long top Tipperary -1916

            Pack up your troubles - 1916
            Good Bey-ee – 1918
            At the Front:
            In the Trenches (Sgt. E. Dwyer) 1915
        If you were the only girl in the world              
            Gas shells bombardment - 1918

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April 22,2006 Ballads and Banjos
April 22, 2006
WJFF PUBLIC RADIO, Jeffersonville, New York
Sonja Hedlund
What’s new- Folk music from Denmark, Songs from WWI- The war to end all wars
Orrin Starr and Mark Schatz/Follow the Leader
Jimmy Gaudreau /In Good Company/CMH Records
Tom Adler & Company/Laughing Marj
Sweet Nell-New Old Time Tunes/Coal Holler Music
Don Tyminski, Rickie Simpkins/ Mike Auldridge, featuring Wayne Taylor/On this Rainy Day
Jimmy Gaudreau /In Good Company/CMH Records
Eric Lewis and Andy Ratliff/Going Across the Sea
The Only Home I’ve Had/Madjack Records
Mike Auldridge, Doug Derryberry/My Sally
Jimmy Gaudreau /In Good Company/CMH Records
Tom Adler, David Margolin, Jim Mullany, Rob Pine/Lamy Train Ride
Sweet Nell-New Old Time Tunes/Coal Holler Music
Kelly Flint/Drive All Night
Fast Folk Detours/Fast Folk Musical Magazine
Cliff Eberhardt/Motel room Dreams
Fast Folk Detours/Fast Folk Musical Magazine
Rod MacDonald/Routine Day in paradise
Fast Folk Detours/Fast Folk Musical Magazine
John Gorka/The Temporary Road
Fast Folk Detours/Fast Folk Musical Magazine
Debbie Diederich/Coming Home Again
Ninety Miles Out/West Broadway Music
Michael Hough and David Tamulevich/Festival Night
Tine Wind and the Crickets/Palmento records
Ed Miller/Home Away frokm Home
The Edinberg Rambler/Terra Nova Productions
Tom Dahill/O’Donnell/ Doonhareee
The Blackthorn Stick/Clarseach Studios
7 a.m.
Music From Denmark- Folk and Roots 2006  -
            (sorry that my typerwriter does not have Danish characters)
            Haugaard & Hoirup/Vindmoller
            Anders Loager & Jan Ilso/Den toppede hone og Nr. 7
            Trad Lads/The Jolly Dishwasher/The Big Secret
Great Songs of the Great War; Introduced by Richard Baker,O.B.E.
            Your King and Country Want You
            Keep the Home Fires Burning
            Sister Suzie Sewing Shirts for Soldiers
7:30 Break
            Sunshine on Your Smile
            Gased  Last Night
            The Moon shines Bright
            Hush Here Comes a Whizz-bang
            The Bells of Hell
            Roses of Picardly
Dixie Chicks/Wide Open Spaces
Wide Open Spaces/Monument
Burt Hansel/Plastic Flower Seeds
Declaration/Philadelphia Area Songwriters Alliance
David Perry/Evil Box in the Living Room
Declaration/Philadelphia Area Songwriters Alliance
Pat Humphries and Sandy O/Silent Spring
Moving Forward Music