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An American Fabric be aired on 11/04/02 at 1600-1659 ET on channel A67.7 S   This program is FREE to interconnected stations

Some Images of Our American Fabric

Cory Hammond
Officer Rangel
Cory Hammond, Surfer, Encinitas, CA
Officer Rangel, Yuma Sheriff Office


Demolition Drivers
Ann Warren
Demolition Drivers, Yuna, AZ
Ann Warren, Dancer, Las Vegas, NV


Mitchell Reed
Waitress, Roxy's Diner, Las Vegas, NV
Mitchell Reed, Cajun Musician, Lafayette, LA


Donovin Sprague
Ken and Pat Smith
Donovan Sprague, Native American, Crazy Horse, SD
Ken and Pat Smith, Hattiesburg, MS


Jennifer Pitts
Brandi Bolte
Jennifer Pitts, Miss Virginia 2002, Roanoke, VA
Brandi Bolte, Jr. National Hereford Queen, Norfolk, NE


Marsha Starkey
Tyrone Pendergrass
Marsha Starkey, Park Ranger, Harpers Ferry, WVA
Tyrone Pendergrass, Sioux Falls Canaries, SD


John Meeks
Matthew Wilkerson
John Meeks, Idlewild, MI
Matthew Wilkerson, U.S Merchant Marine Academy, Kings Point, NY


Shani Hedden
Marlowe Imlay
Shani Hedden, AKA Patsy Cline, Chattanooga, TN
Marlowe Imlay, Barber, Cedar City, UT


Dean Hobbs
Dean Hobbs, Ship Captain, Lake Michigan









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